Mozilla Brick – Free UI Components Library for Web Apps

You can find tons of giveaway frontend web frameworks if we hunt tough enough. They all come with their upsides and drawbacks, though there’s a horizon out there for everyone.

Mozilla Brick is a newer horizon and it’s built as a UI library that runs on Web Components.

These components work like bits of reusable formula identical to Google’s Polymer library. However, with Mozilla Brick, we have your possess library of components, along with UI elements, all wrapped adult in one large package.

If we dive into this library you’ll fast comprehend it’s built differently than others.

Mozilla uses its possess denunciation to report tradition elements like bricks that act as components bundled together. If we attach many bricks onto your page we can conduct them regulating a package government apparatus like Bower.

mozilla section homepagemozilla section homepage

Note that Mozilla Brick can work on tip of Polymer so it’s a versatile framework. In essence, you’d use Brick to conclude specific page elements or specific user actions on a page.

Then we connect these components into your standard UI elements right inside a HTML. This approach you’re still regulating standards agreeable fixing conventions on tip of Brick components.

It’s now in chronicle 2.0 and we can find a whole list of repos on GitHub. Mozilla combined a GitHub comment privately for this project so it’s a best place to find info.

It has all from calendar UIs to add-on bars, tradition label layouts, and even a categorical Brick website code. All released for giveaway with a source entirely accessible.

mozilla section instance deckmozilla section instance deck

Each plan includes a live demo hosted on GitHub so if we puncture into the documentation you’ll find links for all of these.

You should have some turn of comfort with web components before removing into Brick. It’s not super newbie-friendly and it’s unequivocally directed during frontend developers who wish pre-designed components for their webapps.

Yet even beginners can learn a ropes by practicing with Brick on their own. You might onslaught to know a whole library though a some-more we use the some-more you’ll learn and a easier it’ll be to qualification strong component-powered webapps.

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