Micon – A Windows 10 Icon Font for Web Designers

The redesign for Windows 10 came with many new features and a whole new look. One of a biggest changes came to a idol style, generally compared to Windows 7 and XP.

Thanks to a Micon set, we can now bring Win10-style icons right into your website.

This idol container comes as an idol font and it’s released for giveaway around GitHub. The main repo has a setup information, though a Micon homepage features all a icons on arrangement with their suitable category names.

Micon homepageMicon homepage

The tangible website structure follows a identical format to Font Awesome. You can browse by all a icons and click any of them to get some-more sum on a new page.

For example, take this battery charging icon that uses a battery pattern and a tiny charging plug. You’ll get a preview of a idol during several sizes, along with its CSS idol class, in this box mi-BatteryCharging10.

Micon battery charging exampleMicon battery charging example

This idol set also works most like Font Awesome, where we can embed a icons right into your HTML. The formula dash for this battery idol works only a same:

i class="mi mi-BatteryCharging10"/i

It’s super easy to get started, with only a duplicate of a Micon CSS stylesheet and some simple believe of front-end development.

Check out a setup page to learn more. Really, we only need to download a duplicate of a Micon container from GitHub and embody that stylesheet (along with correct idol fonts) into your page. From there, only reference a category names like above and you’re good to go.

Since this plan is open-source, you’re free to use these icons with any project, personal or commercial. And, we can even make your possess file by following a build instructions from a Micon GitHub. This approach we can pack only a icons we want into a rise files and revoke a sum record size.

Overall, I’m unequivocally tender with a variety of icons and a easy setup. You can find plenty of examples on a website and even charcterised icons on a Examples page that does embody formula snippets.

These icons even work good with Bootstrap, so we can combine it with a BS3/BS4 framework for some genuine tradition layouts.

Download a giveaway copyright from a Micon homepage and see how we can work these Windows 10-style icons into your subsequent design.

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