Meet Light Phone – The Most Minimalistic Smartphone So Far

Smartphones are one of a many entire pieces of record today, interjection to their Swiss Army Knife-like properties of being means to do roughly everything a user wants.

However, some trust that a smartphone’s multi-purpose abilities creates it a huge daze when it comes to bland life.

The founders of Light trust that to be a case, that is because a association has designed a Light Phone, a cell phone combined with minimalism in mind.

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Initially launched as a Kickstarter project behind in 2015, a Light Phone is a credit card-sized dungeon phone that can usually do dual things: creation and receiving calls. The device itself comes with a numeral-only keypad and display, definition we won’t be means to send or accept texts on this device.

Usability-wise, a Light Phone can store adult to 9 phone numbers, and it comes with a SIM label that operates on a 2G GSM network. Users who wish to utilize this SIM label will need to compensate a 5 USD monthly cost for a service.

Apart from that, users can also brazen calls from their smartphone to a Light phone by signing adult for an comment and downloading an app onto their smartphones.

While there is no denying that the Light Phone looks neat and clean, it is a usability partial that creates this device a rather tough one to sell. For starters, a phone’s ability to usually support 2G GSM network means that a device would be rendered invalid if internal telcos confirm to shut down their 2G networks, something that a few telcos around a universe have already done.

On tip of that, a Light Phone itself isn’t accurately inexpensive for what it is. With a sell cost of 150 USD, we could potentially get yourself a 2G underline phone for only a fragment of a Light Phone’s price. Still, if we are smitten by a Light Phone’s aesthetics, pre-orders for a device are open and can be finished here.

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