MagBolt: The one wire to order them all

Having both Apple and Android inclination can be a pain when it comes time to assign them. As both inclination come with their possess set of charging ports, it can be a con to apart a Apple cables from a Android ones.

JUMP Cable: A intelligent charging wire that doubles as a battery

JUMP Cable: A intelligent charging wire that doubles as a battery

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However, a association has an thought that could simplify a device charging experience: MagBolt. Dubbed “the world’s initial Apple and Android captivating connector,” a MagBolt is a dual-sided captivating connector.

On one side, a MagBolt sports an Apple Lightning adapter; on a other, a USB-C adapter Android users are informed with. By merely flipping a connector over, a pier can assign inclination from both camps. Also supported: quick charging and a captivating snap-on.

The captivating connector is complemented with a possess captivating cable. All we need to do is block a MagBolt’s captivating connector to your device’s pier afterwards snap in onto a connector most like how Macbook cables work.

snap chargesnap charge

Additionally, a inlet of a MagBolt’s captivating connector also allows it to protect your device’s charging port from dirt, dirt and water.

dirt, dust, H2O resistentdirt, dust, H2O resistent

As of a time of writing, a MagBolt has already reached a appropriation aim of USD12,000. The plan will continue to run for a subsequent 45 days, so anyone meddlesome in removing one for themselves can do so by pledging to a project. Shipping starts finish of Nov 2016.

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