Lory Carousel Slider Features CSS Animation & Touch Support

Out of all a carousel plugins online we have to tip my shawl to Lory. It’s such a simple concept though it’s simply one of the many absolute sliders on a web.

The minified version totals about 7KB that isn’t tiny though positively isn’t bad for a touch-enabled carousel slider.

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You can supplement this plugin to any website given it runs on jQuery or plain vanilla JS. It can run with no dependencies that is good for compatibility.

Lory is also one of a few plugins that doesn’t reduce in comparison browsers. It’s fully upheld in IE10+, and comparison versions can still run a slider, usually without animations and tiny extras.

You’ll have to do all a programmatic coding yourself if we wish to supplement calm though it’s surprisingly simple. You can conclude how vast to make any panel, how prolonged to animate, and how to hoop manageable browsers.

Check out a Lory homepage for source code and details about setup.

carousel lory previewcarousel lory preview

Start by adding a Lory JS library to your site’s head section, possibly as a jQuery plugin or a vanilla library. All versions are now hosted on a Cloudflare CDN, so it’s super easy to embody a duplicate though any downloads.

With a JavaScript record commissioned you’ll wish to emanate an HTML unordered list with a slip contents, though Lory comes with a few predefined classes so it’s good to stick with their model.

Here’s some sample code taken from a categorical Lory GitHub repo:

div class="slider js_slider"
    div class="frame js_frame"
        ul class="slides js_slides"
            li class="js_slide"1/li
            li class="js_slide"2/li
            li class="js_slide"3/li
            li class="js_slide"4/li
            li class="js_slide"5/li
            li class="js_slide"6/li

Now in jQuery (or plain JS), we can set adult a duty call. It should demeanour something like this:

  infinite: 1

Note a infinite choice is usually one of many facilities we can customize. And we can always change a .js_slider category to fit your needs.

While building with this plugin you’re probable to have tons of customization questions. we would rarely suggest browsing a documentation that is during a unequivocally bottom of a GitHub page.

Probably not a best plcae for docs though thankfully they’re flattering small. You usually have about 10 options to customize and maybe 10-12 opposite events we can tinker with. This info can also be found during a bottom of a Lory website though it’s most easier to review on GitHub.

Updates aren’t as visit though we can always pen an emanate request on GitHub if we run into problems. If we unequivocally do have issues with a formula you’ll substantially have an easier time elucidate them on Stack Overflow.

Either way, we can get started flattering quickly regulating a Cloudflare CDN and a GitHub docs. And if you’re looking for a live demo with code check out this CodePen entry.

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