Like Instagram, You Can Now Archive Google Photos Too

Just a day after Instagram rolled out an archive folder for a app, Google has launched a identical underline for a Google Photos platform.

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At a core, Google Photo’s repository features works only like a one that can be found on Instagram. To pierce a print into a repository folder, you’ll need to name a photo, daub on a “…” button, and select a Archive choice in a menu. Once that’s done, a print will be changed from your categorical Photos add-on and into a repository folder.

select optionselect option

While a archived photos will no longer seem on a categorical Photos tab, those photos will still remain a partial of any albums that they are in. The photos will also uncover adult as a outcome of a search, so a repository functionality is fundamentally an easier approach for a user to prune their categorical Photo hurl but wanting to undo comparison photos.

archive photoarchive photo

In a eventuality that we would like to return a archived photos to a categorical Photo roll, we can always do so by selecting a photo, drumming a “…” button, and selecting a Unarchive option.


This underline is currently creation a approach to Android devices, so if you’ve nonetheless to see this feature, rest positive that it will be nearing soon. Thus far, no discuss was done on whether or not this underline will be entrance to a web chronicle or iOS chronicle of Google Photos.

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