iziModal.js – A Truly Dynamic Modal Window jQuery Plugin

Most modal windows seem to distract and provoke a visitor with opt-in fields and unwanted deals. These modals mostly take over a whole page, demeanour terrible, and don’t offer a transparent approach to tighten a window. Thankfully, iziModal.js is a accurate opposite.

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It’s one of a sleekest modal window plugins I’ve ever seen and it gets me vehement to correlate with modals again.


iziModal.js is a jQuery plugin so we do need a duplicate of a jQuery library for this to work. But it’s pretty lightweight and we can even include a library externally from CDNJS.

Note this plugin comes with a lot of opposite options. You can pass in options to style a modal size, support type, and animation. But we can also create callback functions if a user closes a modal or clicks on a specific element.

You can find plenty of examples on CodePen though we unequivocally like a demos hosted on iziModal’s home page. Specifically, check out a iframe hide option where it has an autoplay Vimeo player queued adult in a modal.

izimodal jsizimodal js

The pattern is pretentious and a modal unequivocally feels like it’s part of a interface. The peculiarity of animation is considerable too, and it’s all powered with CSS3 jQuery.

On a categorical plugin page, you’ll also find documentation tables with formula snippets for any of a accessible demos. Here’s the shortest bit of code to use for a modal window popup.

$(document).on('click', '.trigger', duty (event) {

The iziModal() duty has over 45 opposite options that can be upheld in to customize a modal window. It also has custom events that can trigger functions like when a modal opens, closes or goes full screen.

This is an unbelievably large plan and it’s simply one of my favorite modal window plugins from a design and usability standpoint.

To squeeze a duplicate of a source, we can possibly pull it by npm or download from GitHub. And if we have suggestions about a plugin or only wish to share your interjection we can twitter a creator Marcelo Dolce @marcelodolce.

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