Intuitive UI & How it Can Help Improve UX

If we see dual user knowledge designers articulate to any other, a subject of contention would many substantially be revolving around “intuitive user interface”. For any pattern plan these days, a inaugural criteria is substantially on how to make it intuitive. In fact, intuitive has turn a many common verb of a user interface.

Given this, it is reasonable to ask what it means for a UI to be intuitive. Although each other engineer uses this term, it’s hard to find a specific and suggestive explanation that defines discerning UI properly.

In this post we will try to strew some light on a dark facets of discerning user interface.

What is an Intuitive UI?

A user interface can be called discerning when users understand a function and outcome though a use of reason, experimentation, assistance, or special training.

what's discerning UI

For example, if something looks like a button, we know that if we click on it, it will prompt some action. Similarly, if there is a link, we know that clicking it will outcome in presumably opening another web page or take to a opposite site.

However, if we come opposite a UI, that is not usually formidable to navigate, though also contains triggers that sound unknown to us, afterwards that UI is presumably non-intuitive.

Imagine that we are looking to buy a oppulance car. You conduct to a showroom. The peddler takes we to a car, and we take a step brazen to get in it while admiring a beauty. Just as we try to open a doorway handle, we comprehend that there is no doorway hoop and instead of admiring a car, now your primary concentration is reckoning out how to get into a car.

A non-intuitive design is identical to this unfolding in that it obstructs a concentration of a user with an unfamiliar situation, with no apparent solution. When it comes to website design, a pattern is discerning as prolonged as a user is means to finish a charge without any interruption. On a other hand, unintuitive pattern shifts a focus of users to elements that are not associated to their task.

Now that we have a tiny bargain of what discerning unequivocally means, let us go by a opposite aspects of creating a informed and discerning UI.

Creating a Familiar and Intuitive UI

It is a famous fact that humans always relate things in a practical universe to those of a earthy world. When it comes to a web interface, they always look for patterns in sequence to know how certain things work.

This is something that UX designers could precedence on — a human bent to find patterns.

1. Don’t Reinvent Patterns

Usually, we do not like changes to common patterns. For example, a Windows user competence find it awkward, after relocating to OS X, that a Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons are on a left side, of a window. The same is loyal clamp versa.

don't reinvent patterns

We are accustomed to certain patterns, and relocating divided from these patterns is usually not user-friendly.

2. Be Consistent

One can't concentration adequate on a aspect of consistency when it comes to formulating an discerning design. While conceptualizing a website, there is a need to have consistency between pages.

There is an expectancy of how things on a website works, and if those things change from one page to another, it doesn’t usually create confusion, though also frustration.

Flipping between regulating a tip navigation bar for one page while regulating a sidebar with navigation links on another page is an instance of how to means unnecessary distractions and disappointment that will eventually expostulate your visitors away.

Even a tiny preference like lacking a fortify to be unchanging with a position of navigation bars is essential in creation your site pattern intutive.

3. Ensure Minimal Steps are Required for a Task

Nobody wants to spend a whole notation to emanate an account. This is because we need to streamline a signup process and ensure minimal steps. Simplification and a rebate of surplus stairs are pivotal to maintaining and converting visitors.

4. Use Tooltips Integrated Help Messages

This is one of a many vicious aspects of an discerning UI. The fact stays that it is difficult to emanate a concept UI. While for some users your UI competence be intuitive, there competence be others who would disagree.

To negate a latter, we can incorporate tooltips or integrated assistance messages that would beam users how a website works.

use tooltips

It is a seamless approach of offering assistance while someone is indeed regulating your website. This doesn’t usually saves them time, though also creates a whole user knowledge some-more pleasant, reduction treacherous and some-more effective.

5. Make Sure a Website Loads Quickly

The approach a proverb goes is that if we give a patron time to think, they will many substantially not buy. The same binds loyal when it comes to website design. If a page takes “too long” to load, afterwards there is a outrageous probability that a user will won’t wait it out and will usually pierce to another website.

This is why, when it comes to complicated web pages, it is always suggested to display a partial of a calm or a loading bar to keep users on a page.

making certain website loads quick


In a end, a fact stays that a website that is difficult to figure out or has several distractions will never turn intuitive. Other than keeping an eye out for common pattern issues like picking a right tone scheme, or a ideal calm structure, we also need to safeguard that your pattern is intuitive.

User knowledge is mostly mistaken as visible appeal; in fact that’s usually one partial of it. The other poignant cause is how good your product gets adopted by users. If we destroy to effectively offer an discerning UI that is easy to understand and can help finish dictated tasks, afterwards your visitors will substantially pierce to a competing product that does.

Editor’s note: This post is created by Manish Bhalla for Manish is a owner and CEO of FATbit Technologies, a web group that builds cutting-edge ecommerce solutions for startups. Manish counsels businesses on technology, online selling plan and assistance startups delineate a right plan for their particular needs.

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