HTML Reference – Your Ultimate Study Guide for Everything HTML5

There’s so many to learn HTML and a HTML Reference site is made to help. Every HTML component has a base tag and attributes that go along with it.

HTML Reference covers all these elements attributes, along with more specific properties such as that tags are self-closing and that tags are block-level vs. inline by default.

html5 referencehtml5 reference

You can always learn a basis of HTML from online tutorials and giveaway YouTube videos. But it’s tough to find a truly minute guide covering all you’d ever wish to know about HTML.

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Thankfully, that’s accurately what this site is and it’s offering online at no cost with an easy-to-use interface.

It works as one large home page where we corkscrew by elements from A-Z. Each component has four discretionary properties, and as we corkscrew by you’ll notice some elements have certain properties practical while others don’t.

By default, web browsers render certain elements differently than others. This is an fundamental structure of HTML and it’s orderly by a W3C. You can always crop by W3C’s website to find this information though a HTML Reference site makes it so many easier.

Each HTML component can have 4 properties:

  1. meta
  2. self-closing
  3. inline
  4. block

All meta tags are typically used inside a header rather than a page body. Self-closing tags do not need a second tag to close, and many developers only need to memorize that tags are self-closing that aren’t.

The inline and retard properties are a opposites of any other. They have some-more to do with CSS arrangement properties though they’re inherent to certain HTML elements. And, if you’re ever uncertain we can check this site for explanation (that’s what it’s here for!)

html anxiety snippetshtml anxiety snippets

HTML Reference also offers deeper pages covering topics such as HTML lists and forms, all with live examples regulating correct HTML5 syntax.

This beam is truly a ultimate anxiety for anyone training or perplexing to urge their HTML skills. And, best of all, a devise is totally open source, so we can download it locally if we wish a duplicate on your machine.

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