How to Write a Winning Web Proposal

Web Design is a contention that requires we to empty your creativity day-in and day-out. You emanate web interfaces, make tone schemes, compare form faces, and what not. For you, this is something that we adore doing, and we feel propitious meditative that we chose a right path. Until something pops that bubble. Something that we call business development.

Web pattern is not customarily an art form – it’s also a profession that, during a finish of a day, will be compulsory to feed you. One of a things that can assistance we run a good web pattern business is to know how to write a good proposal. And his is where we burst in.

By a dint of this article, we will be deliberating how we can emanate that web pattern offer that we disgust and make it mount out among a rest. Let’s take a demeanour during a few things we should remember.

Identify a problem and built on it

This is a initial and many critical partial of essay a web pattern offer that in sequence to offer a web pattern solution, we have to have a problem first.

Initially, we need to have a ubiquitous thought as to given your customer would wish to acquire your services in a initial place. You need to get in a center of a client’s problem, and if needed, find out a problem that would get their attention.

However, we have to be careful, as to not display anything that would jeopardise their business by divulgence vital problems in public. There are also times when a customer knows something’s not right though has difficulty identifying it.

client problem

These problems might come in a form of their existent pattern being unattractive or not so user-friendly, a requirement for alighting pages for specific actions, or an employees-only website for HR functions etc. So in your proposal, make certain we tell them what is wrong or blank in their online presence with a good volume of honesty.

Here’s an tangible offer (part of it) we sent to a client (who wished to sojourn anonymous). Note that this offer helped me tighten a understanding in usually 3 days.


Pro Tip: Define a problem. Clearly state what we see is lacking with a association and do not go into deceptive statements like, “Well, we need a redesign. Let me give your site a refurbished look”, and write it in a approach your business clients will understand.

How will your resolution assistance them?

Now that your customer knows they have a problem that needs solving, offer them something they would find tough to refuse – a good solution.

The representation we usually finished progressing isn’t a finish of your proposals. You don’t acquire income as a web engineer by revelation your clients they have a problem. You acquire by display we can solve it. Tell them true to a indicate that you can tend to what is lacking in their company, that we can accommodate their needs.

website help

From here we can highlight a specifics of a project. What are a stairs we will take? What will we include? Change? Or remove? How will we know that these elements need these actions? You will have to answer those questions.

You usually don’t say, “uhhhh… we can change your alighting page to this.” No. You contingency be some-more specific.

You can state in your offer that we will optimize alighting pages by A/B testing. That we will mislay a call-to-action symbol given we see it is not behaving well. As businessmen adore information given it creates it easier for them to make decisions, you can supplement some stats to make your indicate in a proposal.

Focus on a Return on Investment (ROI)

Now that we finished a offer tough to refuse. It’s time to make it roughly unfit to refuse. If there is one thing businessmen (or your clients) adore to hear, it’s R-O-freaking-I.

This partial of a offer will substantially be a most formidable to qualification given we are fundamentally putting a cost tab on your work. But now that we have identified what your customer needs, and what we can provide, we now have to tell them how most is this going to cost them, and how most will they make out of a changes we will deploy.


I advise that in this part, we identify a costs of a devise first. In my opinion and experience, clients would like to see how most will something cost before anything else. They would wish to weigh their bill expectations and projected income before they lift a trigger.

So if we contend that we will do a redesign for $2000, your clients will consider about it, and if that volume of money paid to we will concede them to strech their goals or benefit some-more profit, afterwards employing we wouldn’t be so difficult.

In a instance we gave above about a grill in a Middle East, we highlighted during a contention that there are around 7 competitors in their area – something they already know.

But what they didn’t know is a volume of trade those competitors are removing daily, and how many people are acid for a keywords associated to their business. Once we highlighted those numbers and a intensity numbers their would-be website will have, we already got them 100%. It’s all about how most they can acquire from carrying a website!

Highlight their competitors

Believe it or not, your clients like competition. This is given they can use them as a benchmark for their strategies. This thought is popular among entrepreneurs and businessmen that we need to take advantage of this.

What we need to do is to list their competitors. Who are they directly competing for traffic? Are there surreptitious competitors too?

George Becker

After doing this, we will have a good thought during how other businesses in a marketplace do their thing design-wise. From there, we can use this data to convince your clients that these changes or these additions are necessary given a other companies are doing it and are behaving unequivocally well.

Here’s another instance we sent to a lead who became a repeated client. My customer owns a Japanese grill in a Philippines, in Angeles City specifically, and his restaurant’s name is nowhere to be found on Google.


This was a final spike (in a certain sense) that finished him pointer a understanding with me.

Include a discerning mockup of how their website will demeanour like

Here’s what we customarily do during We send 3 mockups immediately to a prospects. This helps a lot given we are fundamentally helping them daydream all even before they respond to us. And mostly they do and ask for a meeting.

mock up

Lastly, we would need to show what we introduce on doing. After identifying a problem, and describing in difference what we devise on doing to solve a pronounced problem, we need to show in a visible manner how we would wish to do it.

Mockups are essential given it lets your prospects take a demeanour of what changes they will see in a future. And nonetheless zero is set in stone, we will give them an thought of that they will have to approve (sadly) and how their final pattern would demeanour like.

This is a partial where we wow your clients-to-be with your overwhelming pattern prowess. So make certain that we not customarily uncover a final outlay though describe, and discuss given we chose what we enclosed and private in a design. This will assistance them know given we finished such decisions and that they are not customarily a outcome of tummy feelings or randomness.

Are we prepared to write a convincing proposal?

Now that we reached a finish of this article, examination all that we have finished so distant given we will substantially make a few revisions to your proposal. But during slightest now, we know what to put, what to discuss, and what to emphasize in essay your subsequent web pattern proposal.

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