How to Update Google Drive Files Without Changing the Links

In Google Drive, if we upload a record and share a link with others afterwards after creation any change in a record we need to share a couple for a updated record again. Google Drive allows a upload of mixed files with a same name and format that means we cannot reinstate comparison files with an updated chronicle even if both have a same names.

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However, there is a elementary approach to overcome this and all it takes is 5 elementary steps. Note that this tip will work usually with files kept in Google Drive such as MS Office files, PDF etc. It doesn’t work with Google Docs files.

Step 1

Locate a record inside Google Drive that we wish to update. Right click on record and afterwards click Manage versions. This Manage Versions choice works usually when we are regulating Google Drive in a web browser.

Locating FileLocating File

Step 2

Click on Upload new version.

Manage VersionsManage Versions

Step 3

Select a updated record and click Open.

Upload FileUpload File

Step 4

Once a new record is uploaded, we can see both newer and older versions of a same file. Both will have a same shareable link.

View Uploaded FilesView Uploaded Files

That’s it! By default, Google Drive will keep comparison versions of any record for 30 days. You can also download a comparison chronicle of a file, undo it or keep it forever.

File OptionsFile Options

You can also use a above pronounced process to reinstate files with opposite formats or names while a shareable couple stays a same.

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