How to Setup TREZOR Wallet for a First Time

If we are critical about a cryptocurrencies in your possesion, we should keep them in a hardware wallet since it is substantially a safest. In this tutorial, I’ll uncover we how to setup your TREZOR – one of a many secure hardware wallet accessible – for a really initial time.

Inside a box

First and formost, make certain a security seal on a box is untampered. In box we find it to be tempered, get in hold with TREZOR support.

trezor confidence sealtrezor confidence seal

Here’s what we get inside a box.

trezor unboxedtrezor unboxed
1. TREZOR hardware wallet. 2. Recovery Seed card. 3. Lanyard. 4. Instruction paper. 5. USD to Micro USB cable.

Setting adult TREZOR

Setting your TREZOR for a initial time is flattering true forward. The whole process will take approximetely 10-15 minutes.

Step 1: Connect TREZOR to your computer

Connect TREZOR wallet to your mechanism using a USB cable provided. On your TREZOR wallet’s screen, we should afterwards see a Lock icon, and an instruction seeking we to go to

trezor initial screentrezor initial screen
Step 2: Go to

Learn how a TREZOR PIN and a liberation seed works. Then, select if we wish to concede to their newsletter or not, and continue to environment adult your device.

Step 3: Install TREZOR Wallet

Go to if you’re not being destined to. In method for your TREZOR device to communicate with your TREZOR wallet, we can possibly implement a TREZOR Chrome Extension, or a TREZOR Bridge privately for your handling system.

In this guide, I’m going to go forward regulating a Chome Extension.

trezor app optionstrezor app options
Step 4: Install laterst firmware

For reserve reasons, no firmware will be commissioned when a device is shipped. Click “Yes, Install” to start designation of a firmware for a initial time.

install firmwareinstall firmware

Cross check a firmware fingerprints on browser shade opposite a one on your TREZOR, make certain they matches. Click “Continue” on your TREZOR.

compare fingerprintscompare fingerprints
Step 5: Reconnect TREZOR

Plug it out, block it in again and go to

Step 6: Give TREZOR device a name
trezor labeltrezor label
Step 7: Setting adult a PIN

Setting adult your PIN might seem treacherous during first, though once we get a grasp of it, it’s easy.

You will see a 3×3 grid (with dots) on your browser.

grid on browsergrid on browser

And we will see a 3×3 grid (with numbers) on your TREZOR.

grid on trezorgrid on trezor

Now, suspect we wish your PIN to be, let’s contend – 6789. You are going to impute to a exact position of these numbers in your TREZOR, and strike them in method in your browser.

enter pin in sequenceenter pin in sequence

You will need to do this twice to endorse your PIN.

Step 8: Write down a liberation seeds

Next, your TREZOR will display a singular multiple of 24 words. This will concede we to redeem your accounts in box we mislay your device.

trezor liberation seedstrezor liberation seeds

Write them down, all 24 words, in a recovery seed tag provided, word by word. Verify it again, and click Finish on your TREZOR.

Make certain we never mislay your liberation seed card.

Final Step: Enter PIN to entrance TREZOR wallet

Go to agian on your browser (if we already have it closed), enter PIN, strike enter and entrance your wallet for a initial really time.

It should demeanour something like this.

trezor wallet uitrezor wallet ui
  1. Access your other cryptocurrency wallets. TREZOR now supports: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.
  2. Customize your TREZOR device homescreen.
  3. Access confidence facilities like enabling and disabling passphrase and PIN here. You can also clean (remove all information) your TREZOR device here.
  4. Edit device’s simple settings; e.g. Change tag and PIN.
  5. Lock TREZOR device.
  6. Forget TREZOR device.
  7. Change fiat currency, banking backend and bitcore server url.
  8. Connect TREZOR to Dropbox to entrance facilities (E.g. Rename accounts, Label receiving addresses) and information (E.g. Comment transactions) TREZOR wallet and transactions.
  9. Add new account.
  10. Add aged accounts before SegWit.

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