How to save and send content word regulating SwiftKey for Android

SwiftKey is one of a most ordinarily used keyboards for Android devices takes to a convenience. Today, this small keyboard has gotten a lot some-more useful as a latest update allows we to save several content phrases that can be used later, as good as an Incognito mode for private texting.

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With a latest SwiftKey update, a keyboard has acquired a Clipboard underline that allows we to save content phrases that we ordinarily use. The Clipboard underline can be accessed underneath a Typing menu, and once accessed, you’ll be given a choice to add a new content word that will be saved into a keyboard.


Once saved, you’ll be means to entrance pronounced content word by accessing SwiftKey’s hamburger menu and drumming on a clipboard icon. From there, drumming on a word itself will means it to seem in a content box.

edit clipboardedit clipboard

Additionally, you can set a Shortcut for your content phrases as well. By stuffing adult a Shortcut box with a elementary line of text, SwiftKey will automatically suggest a content word compared with a shortcut.

edit clipedit clip

Finally, Incognito mode is now accessible for all SwiftKey users. Accessible around a keyboard’s hamburger menu, Incognito mode will concede users to use a keyboard but SwiftKey recording a difference being typed out. The underline is useful for people who share their inclination with mixed people.

hamburger menuhamburger menu


Source: Android Authority

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