How to Run Windows Apps on Android with Wine 3.0

Wine is one of my must-have collection for working on Linux. If we do not know Wine, it is a compatibility layer between Windows and Linux, that bridges a opening between a dual and allows Windows applications to work on Linux; roughly magically.

While Wine has been accessible given a prolonged time, though a new-year release brought an critical refurbish — support for Android. That means, now we can simply run Windows apps on Android. And by this post, we will tell we usually how to do that. Let’s take a look.


Wine for Android is a elementary app, and we usually need an Android device with a operative Internet connection to download and run it. You can also download a compulsory app (Wine’s APK) and Windows apps (.exe’s) on your mechanism and send them to your mobile device in box your smartphone does not have a operative network connection.

Download Install Wine

Please follow a next instructions to get started with this tutorial:

  1. Open “” in your mobile.
  2. Download a latest accessible release per your device platform. For instance, we downloaded “wine-3.2-arm.apk” on my phone, though we might need a “x86” chronicle if your device has an Intel CPU in place of an ARM CPU (as mine).
  3. Download Wine for AndroidDownload Wine for Android
  4. Open a downloaded APK, and implement Wine app on your device.
Install Wine on AndroidInstall Wine on Android

Try out Wine on Android

After we have downloaded and commissioned Wine on your device, it is time to examination with it. Just follow a next stairs to continue with this guide:

  1. Open a Wine app on your Android device. If we are starting it for a initial time, it will take some time to remove a files and set adult a Windows environment, though from a second time onwards, it will be many faster.
  2. Run Wine on AndroidRun Wine on Android
  3. Once Wine is loaded, we will see a classical desktop of Windows, that now reminds me of Windows 98. You might click a Start button, and to your surprise, we will see usually dual options there, suggesting there is a lot some-more to do.

Download apps tools

Though Wine for Android has been finished probable after creation 6 thousand changes to a codebase nonetheless it is still in a early stage. That said, during a time of writing, Wine 3.x supports usually WinRT apps on ARM inclination and Win32 apps on x86 devices, unfortunately.

As many of us possess a device powered by an ARM CPU, we can usually run WinRT apps regulating Wine on Android. The list of upheld WinRT apps is small, as we contingency have guessed by now; and we can entrance a finish app list on this thread on XDA Developers.

However, if we are advantageous adequate to reason a device with an Intel CPU like ASUS ZenFone 2, we have a lot some-more choices to collect from a upheld apps. That is since we can run Win32 apps, i.e., x86 aka 32-bit apps regulating Wine for Android.

If we need to implement a Windows app inside Wine, a routine is as elementary as next steps:

  1. On Wine’s desktop, click on a Start button.
  2. Start symbol on Wine's desktopStart symbol on Wine's desktop
  3. Choose Control Panel and go to “Add/Remove Programs” from a options.
  4. Choose Add/Remove ProgramsChoose Add/Remove Programs
  5. A new window will open. Click a Install symbol in it.
  6. Click Install symbol in WineClick Install symbol in Wine
  7. A record dialog will open. Here we can browse and name a app (.exe) we wish to install.
  8. Choose a Windows module (.exe)Choose a Windows module (.exe)
  9. You will see a program’s installer. Follow a on-screen instructions supposing by a installer and implement a app as we implement any other module in Windows.

Alternatively, we can use Wine Command Prompt to install or run a module inside Wine. Just form a full trail of a executable in a authority prompt, and Wine will uncover a program’s installer. Afterward, simply follow a on-screen instructions and during a finish of a process, a module will be installed. And we will see a entry underneath Start menu.

Wine Command PromptWine Command Prompt

For example, if we are perplexing to implement Notepad++ (with “npp.exe” as a file) and a installer is benefaction in your device’s Downloads directory, that is located during “/sdcard/Downloads”. Then we contingency form “/sdcard/Downloads/npp.exe” inside a authority prompt window.

Troubleshooting issues

Following are some of a many common Wine issues and some instructions on how to troubleshoot them.

1. Wine won’t implement on my Android device.

If we can’t implement it, maybe a downloaded APK record is corrupt. In this case, usually download it uninformed and try installing it again. While installing Wine, if we are removing a summary observant “not authorised to implement opposite apps“, afterwards we need to change a setting. You can do it by streamer over to Settings Security and afterwards toggling on “Unknown sources”.

Allow Unknown sources in SettingsAllow Unknown sources in Settings

If we are not regulating Google’s season of Android, afterwards this environment might reside during a opposite place — usually search for it in Settings or google a procession for your device. After we have altered this option, we can try installing this app — it shall work.

2. Wine won’t start/run on my Android device.

If we are means to implement Wine though not means to start or run a same, afterwards there is some issue with your device — substantially a harmony problem.

Also, greatfully note that Wine 3.x (up to 3.2 during a time of writing) does not support Android 8 (Oreo) platform. That said, Wine 3.x on Android 8 will always get stranded on a “Setting adult a Windows environment…” screen.

Moreover, during my tests regulating Android Emulator, we found that Wine 3.2 is not operative on emulated inclination — for both ARM and x86 versions. Though a inclination are reserved adequate resources nonetheless we could not strech a classical desktop on Wine regulating an emulator. That being said, greatfully know that Wine 3.2 might not work on AVD (Android Virtual Device).

3. Soft aka on-screen keyboard is not display up.

Wine 3.2 is not nonetheless finish in terms of facilities and this bug is one of a proofs of a imperfection. That being said, we will need a earthy keyboard (like Bluetooth keyboard) to work with Wine. It is since soothing keyboard won’t uncover adult on a shade in box we wish to form something, and a usually workaround is to plug in a tough keyboard.

4. we can't select a office or a record in a record dialog.

Windows default environment needs we to double-click an object (say a record or folder) to open it, as we contingency have finished in Windows. Since we are articulate about touch-enabled devices, we need to double daub to obey a double-click. And we found it does not work really well, during slightest for now.

That’s why, it is good to use a earthy keyboard and use a navigation keys to navigate by windows, options, directories, etc. or select a record or folder.

That’s all about regulating Wine on Android

Hope we are successful during installing and regulating Windows apps on Android regulating Wine. If we get into problems, we can ask for a resolution on WineHQ Forums, and we can also write a criticism next to ask me directly.

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