How to Run Multiple Instances of a Windows Program

Running mixed instances of programs and files certainly boosts productivity. However, many programs won’t concede we to open some-more than one window and give an blunder or open a active window when we try to run them twice.

Thankfully, there are some workarounds to bypass this limitation depending on what form of module we are looking to open mixed times simultaneously.

In this article, we will uncover we mixed methods to open some-more than one instance of a module in Windows.

Why some programs concede mixed windows and some don’t?

For your possess safety, it’s critical to know since this reduction is there in a initial place. Firstly, this limitation is combined by a developer of a program and not a Windows itself. So we should not censure Windows for not giving we an choice to run mixed programs.

Now if a developers intentionally combined this reduction in their program, afterwards it contingency have some bad impact on a program. Opening mixed instances of a module can have mixed effects. There is a good possibility that a dual windows will dispute with any other and lead to program crashes, or information corruption etc.

Some developers might also supplement this reduction since there would be no indicate of opening mixed windows of their program. For example, complement information collection offer same information no matter how many instances we open.

Furthermore, some programs might offer an astray advantage when non-stop mixed times, so developers close this feature. For example, an online video diversion might extent this to safeguard players don’t record in with mixed accounts and benefit an astray advantage over others.

Overall, we should keep in mind that a limitation is there for a reason and we should always be prepared to understanding with a bad conditions if we are going to run mixed instances.

Launch mixed instances of programs that concede this feature

To open another window of a program, simply launch it again. An easier approach to do this is to press and reason a Shift pivotal and click on a program’s idol in a taskbar.

If a module allows mixed windows, afterwards another instance will open adult though a hinge. For example, we can open mixed versions of a request and revise them separately, or open mixed papers in a same program; like Microsoft Word documents. You can also open mixed windows of programs like CCleaner and run mixed forms of scans during a same time.

As prolonged as a module doesn’t have a opposing nature, there is a good possibility we can open mixed instances of it. So do try opening a module twice and see how it boosts your productivity.

Use opposite user accounts to open mixed instances of programs

Developers use opposite methods to put reduction on opening mixed instances of a module and a many ordinarily used process is by mutex. Mutex prevents threads from accessing a same module if it’s already running.

Fortunately, mutex is tied to a stream user form only. You might not be means to open that module in a stream user profile, though we can still open it as a opposite user. You only need to have two accounts on your PC and we can simply open dual instances of a same program.

Create a new user profile

First, I’ll uncover we how we can emanate another user comment on your PC. If we already have another user comment and know a login certification of it, afterwards we don’t need to go by this step.

For proof purpose, we am going to use a Windows 10 PC. If we are a Windows 7 or 8 user, afterwards we can follow instructions supposing on a Microsoft support page.

  1. Open Windows 10 “Settings” and click on “Accounts“. Here pierce to a “Family other users” territory and click on “Add someone else to this PC” underneath “Other users“.
    adding another useradding another user
  2. A new window will open up. Click on “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information” couple here.
    no pointer information available
  3. On a subsequent page, click on a “Add a user though a Microsoft account“. This form isn’t compulsory to be connected to a Microsoft account, so we skip this step.
    no microsoft account
  4. Now yield a username and cue for a new comment and click “Next“. Your comment will be created.
    enter detais
Open dual instances of a program

Now that we have dual user accounts, let’s open dual instances of your compulsory program.

  1. Open adult a compulsory program.
  2. Open this module again, though this time reason a Shift pivotal and right-click on it. From a context menu click on a new entrance “Run as opposite user“.
    run as another user
  3. Next, yield a username and cue of a newly combined account and press enter.
  4. Another instance of a same module will open up. In a next screenshot, a strange Opera browser window is on a left and a newly non-stop window is on a right.
    multiple instances

The newly non-stop window will have no tie with a initial window. It will feel like that a module has been only installed, no configurations, saved information or any other information from a strange window will pass on to a new window.

Do remember that this pretence will not work on programs that don’t use mutex for preventing module from opening mixed windows. Although many apps do use a mutex, some programs might name a opposite method.

For example, video games customarily don’t use mutex to forestall mixed instances of them. If this pretence didn’t work with your program, afterwards check out a next method.

Use Sandboxie

Although a above process is still a many reliable, though when it doesn’t work afterwards an isolation software will certainly work for you.

An Isolation module fundamentally gives a module an sourroundings totally apart from your system. This protects your complement from being shop-worn from an putrescent program.

However, this also means that we can run mixed instances of that module as well. One in normal windows and other in a siege module window.

Sandboxie is a renouned apparatus for this purpose that allows we to run another instance of a module for free. If we wish to run some-more than dual instances of a program, afterwards you’ll have to ascent to Sandboxie premium version.


Download and implement Sandboxie and make certain we let it supplement a context menu entrance while installing. Now right-click on a module that we wish to run in Sandboxie and name “Run with Sandboxie“.

This will launch that module in a protected environment and we will notice that a outline of a window will spin yellow when we float a rodent cursor during a top.

Unlike a above method, a instance using in a Sandboxie will use a same configurations and information as a strange program. However, any changes done or information combined in a Sandboxie instance will not be synced with a strange module window. Still, we can use a Sandboxie liberation option to redeem essence to a tangible tough drive.

To sum up

Using an siege apparatus like Sandboxie is a certain shot approach to open another instance of a program. However, it should not be your initial priority as we may face problems while saving some of a information in Sandboxie environment. In many cases, using a module underneath dual accounts should work and will also be easier to save data.

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