How to Replace WordPress Plugins With Optimized Code Snippets

Every new WordPress implement can be softened with plugins. But too many plugins can means your site to run most slower and feel surprisingly bloated.

5 Questions to Ask before Installing a WordPress Plugin

5 Questions to Ask before Installing a WordPress Plugin

Plugins make WordPress absolute – we can change and supplement roughly any functionality to WordPress simply only by…Read more

There’s good reason to implement plugins though if we can reinstate a plugin with PHP formula it’s mostly easier to do so. But how do we know that plugins we need vs. that ones can be replaced?

Thankfully there’s a new site done for this conditions called You Might Not Need That WordPress Plugin. It’s a flattering prolonged name though it’s discerning to use.

might not need wp plugin homepagemight not need wp plugin homepage

On a homepage you get a large list of WordPress facilities with formula snippets to reinstate existent plugins. You can filter formula snippets by keywords or only crop all during once. Since everything’s on a singular page it’s easy to hunt by and copy/paste codes as we find them.

The site already has over a dozen opposite snippets that assistance we extend WordPress but any plugins. These snippets embody custom post types, tradition shortcodes, 301 redirects, and adding your possess tradition JS/CSS files to a header.

Every formula dash has a symbol to auto-copy a dash to your clipboard for easy transport. You’ll also find a brief outline of any dash along with links to a WordPress codex for any categorical functions.

This site is implausible and it’s still a work in swell so there’s room for new contributions.

If we find any formula snippets that can reinstate common WP plugins we should twitter a site’s owners Luke Liasi @lukeliasi. He’s open to all new suggestions and will frequently refurbish to ideally turn a ultimate apparatus to assistance WordPress users optimize their WP websites.

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