How to Remove Political Posts From Your Facebook News Feed

Ever given a new US presidential elections, your Facebook’s News Feed might or might not have been flooded by news articles and unchanging confrontations between people of incompatible domestic views. If you, like me, would like a remit from all a politics, CBS News has handily supposing 3 solutions that let we filter out a sound from your News Feed.

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If you’re a Chrome user, we can opt to implement an prolongation called “Remove All Politics From Facebook”. Once it is toggled on, a prolongation will ensue to filter out all posts that enclose a keywords. While this prolongation is good for text-based posts, picture-based domestic posts such as memes will be means to bypass a filter.

filter keywordsfilter keywords

In a eventuality that Chrome isn’t your categorical browser of choice and you’re looking for a filter that is most some-more sophisticated, Social Fixer is nonetheless another prolongation to consider. Available for Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers, Social Fixer is an extension that lets we customize your Facebook experience.

social fixersocial fixer

Built into a prolongation is a sophisticated filter that lets we filter a several posts that ranges from politics, sports, and even spoilers for radio shows and movies. If that isn’t enough, we can even emanate tradition filters of your own.

create new filtercreate new filter

For those who are not meddlesome in downloading extensions or environment adult filters, we can always select to censor a user’s posts on Facebook. Doing so will means Facebook to reduce a volume of posts published by a individual concerned from display adult on your News Feed. Alternatively, we can select to Unfollow a individual, definition you’ll never see his or her posts ever again while still remaining friends.

unfollow postsunfollow posts

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