How to Remove Black Folder Icon Background in Windows 10

There’s clearly a bug in Windows 10 that adds a black credentials to folders. It doesn’t impact a information inside it in any way; it simply creates a folder look, well… ugly. It might occur since of depraved files, a problem with a folder thumbnail cache or with a Windows image.

I also faced this emanate and after messing around with mixed solutions, we managed to repair it for good. If you are traffic with a same problem, afterwards we can assistance we repair it regulating a same methods we have tried. Let’s see that resolution works for you.

Solution 1: Restore default icon

This resolution customarily temporarily bound my problem, as it incited black again after restarting. However, many users have reported that this resolution bound a problem henceforth for them. And it is easier to execute. Let’s try this first.

Right-click on a influenced folder and name Properties from a context menu. In a properties, pierce to a Customize add-on and click on a Change icon button.

change iconchange icon

Here incidentally name any idol we wish and click on OK to name it. Afterward, click on OK again to request a changes.

select new iconselect new icon

Now go behind to a same Change icon option, and this time click on a Restore Defaults symbol instead. When we will click on OK, a default idol will be easy and many substantially a black credentials emanate will be resolved as well.

restore default iconrestore default icon

Solution 2: Uncheck Read-only attribute

There is a possibility that a Read-only charge of a folder might be causing a folder to uncover an idol with a black background. Simply remove a Read-only attribute and see if it fixes a problem.

Right-click on a folder and name properties from it. Here uncheck a checkbox subsequent to Read-only in a Attributes section. When we will click on OK, a folder idol might be fixed.

disable review attributedisable review attribute

Solution 3: Delete thumbnail cache

Corrupted thumbnail cache seems to be a many common reason for this problem. Deleting thumbnail cache and resetting it solved this problem for many users, including me. There are many ways to undo thumbnail cache, though we find regulating a Windows Disk Cleanup tool to be a easiest.

Press Window + R keys and forms cleanmgr.exe in a Run dialog. When we will strike OK a Disk Cleanup apparatus will open up. The complement expostulate (C drive) will already be comparison in it, simply click a OK symbol on it to start scanning.

clean adult driveclean adult drive

After scanning, it will uncover a list of information that can be deleted to save space. Here scroll down and check a checkbox subsequent to Thumbnails, and afterwards click on OK. A prompt will uncover up, endorse it to undo all a thumbnail cache. Afterward, restart a PC and see if a black credentials is left or not.

delete thumbnail cachedelete thumbnail cache

Solution 4: Run System File Checker scan

If a problem persists, afterwards it could be due to a corrupted or blank complement file. Windows built-in System File Checker (SFC) indicate can demeanour for any depraved or blank complement files and automatically redeem them (if possible).

To run a SFC scan, right-click on a Start menu idol and name Command Prompt (Admin) from a list.

command promptcommand prompt

This will open a authority prompt window where we need to enter a authority sfc /scannow. Once we will press Enter, a indicate will start. It can take a few mins to finish a scan, so reason on tight. Once finished, it will uncover if there were any hurtful files and either they were bound or not.

run sfc scanrun sfc scan

Solution 5: Run DISM scan

A problem with Windows images can also make a folder credentials spin black. You can run DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) indicate to see if there is any problem and repair it.

To run a scan, we will have to run a authority from an towering authority prompt window. Follow a routine mentioned in a resolution #4 to open an towering authority prompt window.

In a authority prompt enter a authority DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth. This will indicate for any problems and let we know if it finds any.

dism scandism scan

If a above indicate reports any problem, afterwards we can use another authority to repair itm. After scanning, enter a authority DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and strike enter. The indicate will run and try to repair problems with Windows images and their components.

dism revive healthdism revive health

Both scans can take a bit of time (10-15 min). Once finished, restart your PC and see if a problem is fixed.

Keep Windows updated

The above resolution should repair a problem permanently, or during slightest for a time being. As this problem seems to be a bug, there’s a possibility one of a Microsoft updates might solve this problem for good. As distant as we know, there hasn’t been an refurbish that solved this problem (as of writing). Although a destiny refurbish might repair a problem, so keep your handling complement updated.

Ending thoughts

Resetting a thumbnail cache customarily solves a black folder idol credentials problem. Although we will suggest we to try to revive a default idol initial as it’s easier to do it and we won’t have to go by thumbnail metamorphosis routine if it solves a problem. And of course, you can run SFC and DISM indicate for regulating any depraved files.

Do let us know in a comments if we managed to solve a black folder idol credentials in Windows 10, and that process worked for you.

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