How to Read Deleted Reddit Comments

While browsing by Reddit, we contingency have seen deleted or private comments that might have worried your curiosity. But do we know we can recover many of these deleted comments with a assistance of third-party tools?

In today’s post, I’ll uncover we 4 collection that can help we see deleted Reddit comments one approach or another. These collection are totally giveaway to use and aren’t bootleg as well.

Note: The comments on Reddit are deleted for a reason, and customarily they enclose descent material. Before perplexing to review deleted comments on Reddit, prop yourself for any upsetting comment.

1. Ceddit

Ceddit is now a best resolution for quickly observation deleted comments on Reddit. It is a third-party website that lets we crop Reddit posts in a possess interface.

It automatically recovers many of a deleted comments in a thread and highlights them with red color. Though it might not be means to redeem some forms of deleted comments, such as a ones deleted by a Reddit automobile moderator.

If we are usually looking to review deleted comments, afterwards we can crop by it like your crop Reddit and look for posts highlighted in red. These posts have deleted comments that have been recovered by Ceddit.

However, if we wish to read deleted comments in a specific post, afterwards there is an easier approach than manually looking for it. Simply, open that post on Reddit and in a URL mislay a “r” from and reinstate it with “c” to make it Below is an instance of a URL changing:



This will load that page in Ceddit interface and we can crop and see a comments that are highlighted in red.


2. ReSavr

If we are meddlesome in reading deleted comments for a consequence of knowledge, afterwards ReSavr can be a good resource. ReSavr automatically saves all a deleted comments that are above 1000 characters in length.

Based on a speculation that longer comments have a aloft possibility of stealing profitable information, ReSavr can assistance we find some genuine gems that we might not see otherwise.


ReSavr extracts all posts with such comments and shows them in a easy to navigate interface. It shows a post pretension and a sum series of difference that a deleted criticism in it contains.

Interestingly, hovering your rodent cursor over a pretension shows a preview of a criticism to let we fast skim by and usually review a comments that are value your time. we checked mixed deleted comments on ReSavr and many of them were indeed unequivocally ominous and value reading.

3. Un-Delete Reddit Comments

This is a Chrome prolongation that lets we cache Reddit posts to perspective them later. It lets we save all forms of comments even if they get deleted later. Though it won’t let we redeem already deleted comments, however, it can be a powerful apparatus if we manually cache each critical discussion.

To use a extension, simply open a Reddit post that we wish to cache and click on a prolongation button. The prolongation will uncover a URL with a large Cache symbol below. Click on a symbol and a page will be cached. You can click on a prolongation symbol after again to redeem a saved page.

undelete commentundelete comment

The good thing about it is that it can preserve all forms of comments. Unlike Ceddit that might not be means to redeem some forms of deleted comments.

4. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a web archiving service that takes screenshots of websites and caches them to make it accessible for a universe to see. It also takes screenshots of Reddit posts, so we can pierce behind in time and see a criticism before it got deleted.

However, we will not suggest we to take Wayback Machine as your primary resolution for reading deleted comments on Reddit. It’ll need a bit of tough work to exhibit a accurate criticism we are looking for – this includes searching by dozens of screenshots of a same post.

How it works

Simply enter a accurate URL of a post of that we would like to see deleted comments. Wayback Machine will uncover a calendar with a blue round on dates indicating that screenshots of this post have been taken on those sold days.

Now we usually need to look for a day when a criticism was deleted and see all a screenshots to see a comment. It can be unequivocally tough (trust me), so we am going to uncover a simple routine that we use to simply search for deleted comments.

To simply pinpoint to a deleted comment:

  1. Go to Reddit and see how many days ago a criticism was deleted (it will be combined subsequent to it).
  2. Now use a calculator and a calendar to pierce back that many days from a stream day when we are observation a criticism (For example, if it says 67 days old, afterwards simply pierce 67 days behind from a stream day and see what is a date on that specific day).
  3. When we have a accurate day when that criticism was deleted simply move to a accurate date in a Wayback machine.
  4. Now float your rodent cursor over that date and we should see some screenshots with a accurate time when they were taken. You now usually need to look for a screenshot that was taken before a criticism was deleted.
wayback machinewayback machine

An easier approach to pinpoint to a right screenshot is to open a final screenshot of a day and demeanour for a deleted comment. Take note of a accurate time of deletion combined subsequent to it in hours.

Afterward, pierce to a screenshot before that specific time and we should see a calm of a deleted comment.

see criticism timesee criticism time

It took me roughly 15 mins with this pretence to pinpoint to a same deleted criticism instance that we have given in a Ceddit screenshot. Interestingly, Wayback Machine suggested dual some-more paragraphs of a same deleted comment that were edited after by a user.

Ceddit was incompetent to exhibit a edited calm as we can see in a screenshots. So we trust Wayback Machine is a improved resolution for reading deleted Reddit comments if we unequivocally wish to puncture deeper.

deleted criticism recovereddeleted criticism recovered

Important note:

Wayback Machine takes screenshots formed on activity on a web link. The some-more renouned a post was, a some-more screenshots will be taken (i.e. some-more chances of reaching a accurate comment). Even if a post was not so popular, it will still have some screenshots when people were commenting on it.

In many cases, there should always be a screenshot of a deleted comment if a criticism was done when a post was combined or during slightest when it was popular. You should not lift your hopes if a deleted criticism was done months after a activity on a post.

Ending thoughts

Ceddit is really a quickest tool to review deleted comments. However, if it fails, Wayback Machine will certainly be means to help. And of course, ReSavr and Un-Delete reddit Comments can also be handy in many situations if we use them a right way.

Do we know any other collection to review deleted Reddit comments? Do share with us in a comments section.

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