How to Play a Hidden Chess Game on FB Messenger

Did we know that we can play Chess on Facebook? Well, on Facebook Messenger to be exact. It is a dark authority that can be triggered with @fbchess though be warned it is a really vapid approach to play an online chess diversion (but who knows? You competence be a fan).

To get started, open adult a discuss review with any friend, preferably one who plays Chess of course. You can do this on desktop or on your iOS or Android app.

Type @fbchess play to start a game. You competence be be automatically reserved a color.

You can select to collect your possess tone (@fbchess play white) or allot your competition a tone as well. Here’s what chess on Messenger looks like.

You will notice a numbers and letters on a side of a chessboard. Yes, that’s how we are going to “move” those chess pieces opposite a board. No clicking or boring here. This is aged propagandize algebraic notation chess play.

Like we said, it’s tedious. Wait until we see a instructions, that we can lift adult by typing a authority @fbchess help.

Here’s a full list of how to make certain moves on a chessboard, how to resign, offer a draw, explain a draw, remove your final pierce (well, a choice is accessible though we attempted this, and a Undo didn’t work for me), uncover stream position, uncover stats between players or take a diversion to another conversation.


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