How to Permanently Mute Websites in Chrome Canary

Autoplaying videos or audios are common adequate on a internet that it is deliberate by many, including myself, to be one of a annoying collection of a internet.

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However, these nuisances may no longer be a problem in a nearby destiny as Google is looking to exercise a mute website feature to a Chrome browser.

In a stream Chrome browser, users are means to tongue-tied tabs from personification any audio. Doing so is merely a elementary matter of right-clicking on a add-on and selecting a “Mute Tab” option.

While a underline is useful, a drawback, however, is that we have to manually tongue-tied a tabs we want. Additionally, a tongue-tied no longer relates once a add-on is closed.

mute tabmute tab

On a other hand, with this arriving underline Google has motionless to exercise a underline that would allow users to henceforth tongue-tied a website until requested otherwise.

To capacitate a mute, all a user has to do is click on a “View Site Information” symbol located in a residence bar and demeanour for a “Sound” option.

sound optionsound option

On a “Sound” option, user can afterwards choose to toggle between Allow or Block, permitting audio to be played as per common or to be muted.

This underline is now only accessible on Google’s initial Chrome Canary browser. For those who have Chrome Canary, we can capacitate this new underline by appending --enable-features=SoundContentSetting to Chrome Canary’s aim box.

canary propertiescanary properties

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