How to Move All Data to New Android Device

Getting a new phone is exciting, yet a suspicion of relocating all your information from a aged phone to a new one competence leave we stranded. Most probably, we can’t leave a information behind and a simple duplicate and pulp won’t work either.

Here’s how to pierce roughly all of your information to your new phone a right way. That includes all your SMS, contacts, call logs, media files, configurations, passwords, apps, and app data.

Manufacturer-specific Data Migration apps

Let’s try a all-in-one option initial before customary methods, however, this is singular to specific phones and manufacturers.

Top manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and LG, etc. offer a dedicated app to pierce your information from your stream phone (including iPhone) to their Android phones, in customarily a flagship series. These apps can quit messages, contacts, media files, calendar entries, device settings, app data, and more.

You usually need to connect both a phones over Wi-Fi, or regulating a USB OTG cable.

Below are some of a apps by renouned Android manufacturers:

If your phone’s manufacturer isn’t lonesome above, afterwards we can also hunt online. Who knows, we competence get lucky.

Moving Settings App data

Android phones have a built-in backup option to backup your settings, Wi-Fi passwords, bookmarks and app information to Google servers. Here’s how to capacitate it:

  1. Open phone Settings and go to Backup reset.
  2. Here toggle on Backup my data choice and afterwards name a Google comment from a Backup account option.
    android backup dataandroid backup data

Now, a information will be synced to Google servers and compared with a supposing Google account. You’ll be asked to revive information when we will record in to your new phone regulating a compared Google account.

Moving photos videos

I privately like a manual method of relocating photos and videos to your PC (using USB cable) and afterwards relocating it to a new phone. However, if we cite an online solution, afterwards Google Photos can be a good choice as well. It offers total space for photos and videos if we don’t mind a small compression.

Just download a Google Photos Android app and concede it to sync all your photos and videos to a cloud.

By default, Google Photos usually backups a camera folder. Although we can also backup other folders:

  1. Tap on a Google Photos main menu during a top-left dilemma and name Device Folders.
  2. Now name a folders we wish to sync.
    google photosgoogle photos

You can implement a Google Photos app on your new phone to perspective and download a content.

If we are not gentle syncing all your photos and videos to Google servers, afterwards there is an alternative choice of regulating PhotoSync app. It can send your photos and videos over a internal Wi-Fi. Using this method, a information will be eliminated locally, no third-party servers involved.

  1. Install PhotoSync on both a phones and go to its Settings on a aged phone.
  2. Here daub on Quick Transfer and name a new phone to start a send process.
    transfer photos and videostransfer photos and videos

Moving music

The primer routine of relocating to PC and afterwards a new phone works excellent for song files as well. However, we can also go for Google Play Music that lets we upload adult to 50,000 personal tracks.

All your songs uploaded to Google Play Music will be accessible on a new device as shortly as we have Google Play Music installed. And we can also download a songs for offline listening.

Alternatively, Send Anywhere is a good choice for relocating files to your new phone. It uses Wi-Fi approach to share any form of record between dual phones over a internal Wi-Fi connection. You can send song files, documents, and even photos and videos (a good choice to PhotoSync as well).

Moving Contacts Messages

Although, there are mixed ways to pierce your contacts and messages to your new phone, yet we am going to share usually a elementary app that gets a pursuit done. Phone Copier is a little app that lets we share your phone’s contacts and SMS with another phone over Bluetooth.

  1. You need to download Phone Copier on both a phones and spin on Bluetooth.
  2. Now on your new phone, daub on a Bluetooth icon and name Import.
  3. After a disclaimer, it will hunt for circuitously Bluetooth device and we can name a aim phone to start a send process.
    send contactssend contacts

Once transferred, a app will automatically place a contacts and messages in a right place.

Moving browser data

Most renouned browsers have cloud storage accounts to sync all a browser data. For example, Chrome syncs all a information to your Google account, and both Firefox and Opera offer accounts to syncs data. Make certain we take advantage of such an comment for your browser to sync all a information to your new phone.

Replicating all a data

For transferring your finish information from aged phone to your glossy new one over WiFi, regulating CLONEit app competence be a good option. It’s a totally giveaway app and doesn’t come with any ads to provoke you. However, depending on your phone manufacturer it competence not work for you. Don’t worry though, in many cases, it should work.

And when we contend it can send all a data, we literally meant it. You can send contacts, call logs, SMS, MMS, all forms of media files, apps, app data, complement settings, Wifi networks and passwords, bookmarks and more.

To use a app, we usually need to install it on both a inclination and daub “Receiver” on a new phone and “Sender” on a aged phone (make certain both are connected to same Wi-Fi). You will be asked to select information that we wish to transfer. Once selected, all a information will be eliminated during a arguable speed of adult to 20MB/s.

Ready to pierce on?

The above send methods should make it easy to pierce to your new device and take your information with you. we will suggest we to try to use an all-in-one app by your phone manufacturer or a CLONEit app to simply send all a information but confusions. However, if it doesn’t work for you, afterwards we can always send information alone regulating a above methods.

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