How to Manage Files Across Different Cloud Storage [Android]

If we have information in multiple cloud storage accounts, handling it becomes difficult. You will have to switch between apps and safeguard there is no information duplication to effectively use space and hunt for a right file. If we are traffic with this conditions right now, afterwards we have a resolution for you.

You can use a cloud storage manager app to conduct your favorite cloud storage services in one place. In this post, we will deliver dual Android apps, respectively Unclouded and Android File Manager, to conduct files inside opposite cloud storage services though any hassle.

1. Unclouded

Unclouded is a dedicated cloud manager for Android that has a unequivocally neat pattern and creates it unequivocally easy to conduct mixed cloud accounts. Although it supports usually a many renouned cloud storage services including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and MEGA, though it should work for many users.

Free or paid, that one to choose?

Unclouded free chronicle allows we to conduct dual cloud storage accounts during a time in any of a upheld cloud storage services. However, all of a other government facilities are permitted in a giveaway version. The paid chronicle offers 3 new capabilities, we can add and conduct sum accounts, cue strengthen a app, and clear dim theme.

Most users should have no problem with a 2 accounts limitation, though we can get unlimited comment for $0.99. Also, we can get other reduction critical paid facilities for a full cost of $2.49.

add accountadd account

Using Unclouded

  1. Install a app and launch it.
  2. You will be asked to sign in with a cloud storage account to get started.
  3. Once we sign-in, we will see an overview of your cloud storage account.
  4. overviewoverview
  5. Here we will see sum giveaway and taken space and a series of files/folders inside a cloud storage.
  6. If a cloud storage use has connected apps, afterwards we will also see a space taken by any app.

If we daub on a hamburger menu during a top-left dilemma we will see mixed options to conduct your cloud data.

Here’s an reason of any option:

“Account ID”

At a top of a menu, we will see your stream account with that we are logged in. You can daub on it to see options to supplement a new account. Once another comment is added, we will have to use this same menu to discerning switch between cloud storage accounts.

swtich accountswtich account

As a name suggests, this territory allows we to entrance and conduct your data. You will find all your permitted files here, and use grid or list views to discerning slick by them.

There is also a search bar above that shows formula as we type, creation it discerning and easy to demeanour for files. Furthermore, we can use a sort-by symbol to arrange a data as we please. You can see information aged to new, vast to small, A to Z and clamp versa.

explore itemsexplore items

This territory categorises all your information formed on their type. Of course, a categories here count on your cloud storage use and a information inside. For example, Google expostulate has detached categories for Google docs and sheets.

“Last modified”

Here we can see files formed on their final mutated time. The time intervals embody final hour, final 12 hours, today, this week, this month, this year and so on. You can tap on any time interlude to see files modified during that time.

last modifiedlast modified

If we are syncing information from mixed devices, afterwards it isn’t odd to have transcribe files. This territory will show we all a files are duplicates. You can easily undo a duplicates, possibly away or in bulk.


This territory lists all a information in your cloud storage’s rabble section. This includes trash information of particular apps as well. You can both revive or undo rabble information from here.


2. Android File Manager

Many third-party Android record managers come with support for cloud services. You can use such a record manager to manage your files inside both a phone’s storage as good as a cloud storage.

For this purpose, ASUS File Manager is a good choice as it has a unequivocally discerning interface that creates it easy to manage files in mixed cloud storage services. Although we can also use your favorite Android record manager if it has support for cloud storage.

You can add sum cloud storage accounts in ASUS File Manager and conduct them all together. However, a central cloud storage app may be compulsory to be commissioned in your phone before handling a data.

Using ASUS File Manager

Using ASUS File Manager is unequivocally simple:

  1. Install and launch a app and we will see all your information stored in phone memory.
  2. Tap on a hamburger menu idol on a tip left side and afterwards daub on Add cloud storage symbol during a end.
  3. You can choose from 5 upheld cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, ASUS WebStorage, OneDrive, and Yandex.
  4. Enter a compulsory sum and your cloud storage comment will be connected.

You can repeat a process to supplement as many cloud storage comment we like and they all will be shown in a hamburger menu.

Unfortunately, ASUS File Manager or any other record manager will not offer we as most information government facilities as Unclouded. It will show we all your information in a categorical interface and we can corkscrew by to find a compulsory files. You can also arrange information and use a hunt bar to discerning entrance a files. You don’t have many options detached from these.

You can quickly switch between accounts by drumming on a hamburger menu and selecting a compulsory account. One thing we unequivocally like about a record manager that it allows we to move or duplicate information between opposite cloud storage accounts. A unequivocally accessible underline for relocating information and handling space.


Unclouded is really a best choice for handling your files in opposite cloud storage accounts. However, a two-accounts extent might not fit people who are looking to conduct some-more cloud storage accounts and are not prepared to pay.

If we are not a fan of a imagination things afterwards ASUS File Manager is a most improved option in my opinion. It lets we discerning switch between sum cloud storage accounts and lets we pierce information between them.

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