How to Install Older Version of Android Apps

If we check a app reviews before downloading an focus from Google Play Store, afterwards we contingency have seen someone observant “the app was great, though a latest refurbish pennyless it”. Yes, updates to Android apps is not always a good news for some people.

If we are not happy with a refurbish to your favorite app, afterwards we can easily return behind to a aged chronicle though many hassle. In this post, we will uncover we how we can download and implement aged versions of Android apps.

Why app updates can be bad?

Many problems can arise when apps get updated to a newer version, subsequent are some of a issues we might face:

  • The new refurbish might have many bugs that we might not be gentle with.
  • Developers tend to keep their apps updated with a latest chronicle of Android. So if we have an old Android version, a new interface and facilities concordant with new Android chronicle might mangle a app.
  • Your device hardware might not be compatible with a updated chronicle of a app.
  • You may not like a newly combined features or a interface overhaul.
  • Your favorite underline might get private for any reason.
  • The updated chronicle might get filled with ads. ES File Explorer is a good example.

If we are traffic with any of a issues above, afterwards rolling behind to an aged chronicle will unequivocally repair things.

How to implement aged Android app versions

Unfortunately, Google Play Store doesn’t offer any symbol to simply return behind to an comparison chronicle of a app. It usually allows developers to horde a singular chronicle of their app, so usually a many updated chronicle can be found on a Google Play Store.

On tip of this, Google automatically ensures all a apps in your Android phone stay up-to-date. So we can design your apps to be automatically updated to latest chronicle even if we didn’t like a update.

If we wish to use an comparison chronicle of an Android app, afterwards we contingency download or sideload it from another authentic source. Let’s see how we can do it.

Configure phone settings

Before we get a aged chronicle of your favorite Android app, we contingency configure your phone to install third-party apps and safeguard they don’t get updated again. Here is what we need to do:

Enable different sources

You need to capacitate Unknown Sources choice in your phone settings that will concede we to download and implement apps from any source.

  • Go to your phone’s Settings and daub on Security.
  • Here corkscrew down and daub on a toggle symbol subsequent to Unknown Sources to capacitate it.
enable different sourcesenable different sources
Disable involuntary app updates in Google Play Store

To ensure your apps don’t get automatically updated to a latest version, we need to invalidate involuntary updates in Google Play Store.

  • In Google Play Store, daub on a hamburger menu during a top-left dilemma of a shade and name Settings from it.
  • Now daub on auto-update apps choice and name “Do not auto-update apps”.
disable automobile updatedisable automobile update

Now your apps will not be auto-updated when new updates will arrive. Instead, we will be stirred to concede a app to be updated whenever a new refurbish is released. You need to decrease updates for apps that we don’t wish to update.

Uninstall a updated app

To implement an comparison chronicle of a app, we need to uninstall a updated version. Unfortunately, with this action, all your app information will also be deleted. So before deleting, make certain your information is corroborated adult in a cloud.

Most apps automatically backup and revive information from a cloud, though we can also use Google’s backup use to safeguard your information gets corroborated up. Go to Settings Accounts Google, and here make certain App Data sync is enabled.

If your app information is corroborated up, afterwards uninstall a app like we routinely do.

Download and implement app APK file

You need to download your compulsory app’s aged chronicle APK file (installer file) from an authentic source. For this purpose, APKMirror is a good website that has outrageous information on apps and their aged versions and famous to have malware giveaway APK files.

I will be regulating this for proof purposes. If we are incompetent to find your app’s APK record on APK Mirror, afterwards we can also use other authentic websites we have mentioned during a end.

Warning: Try to usually download APKs from a authentic sources we have mentioned in this article. There is a high possibility we might get a malware putrescent APK record if we will download from a untrustworthy source.

Go to APKMirror website and enter a name of a app we are looking for in a hunt margin on top. You should see a latest chronicle of your app as a tip result.

search apksearch apk

Tap on a app and we will see some-more sum about a app. Here corkscrew down and we will see an All versions territory below. This territory lists all of a accessible versions of a app along with version series and a date it was released.

Look for a chronicle we need and daub on a Download symbol subsequent to it. On a subsequent page, daub on Download APK and it will be downloaded.

download apkdownload apk
Similar apps like APKMirror:

Here are some other websites we can hunt to get your APK file.

Note: You can also use your PC to download a APK file, though we will have to pierce a APK record to your phone memory by joining your phone to your PC regulating a USB cable.

If we used your phone to download a app, afterwards a APK record should be placed in a Downloads folder. Installation is unequivocally easy, only daub on a APK record we downloaded and afterwards daub on Next symbol subsequent to extend a compulsory app permissions. After that, daub on Install to implement a app in your phone.

install apkinstall apk

Backup APKs in future

If we frequently count on aged versions of apps or don’t wish to count on a third-party website for storing APK files of your favorite apps, afterwards we can also create a backup of APKs yourself. You can use an app to backup a stream chronicle of your apps to a SD Storage.

The backup will be saved as APK record and we can install it again any time we like if a newer refurbish breaks a app. For this purpose, App Backup Restore is a good giveaway app that lets we backup APK files of particular or all apps in your phone and simply revive them.

Final thoughts

Sometimes comparison versions of apps can be improved than a new versions. Especially when developers try to attract users with overwhelming facilities and afterwards use untrustworthy schemes to make money. Did your favorite app mangle after a update? Do share your knowledge in a comments below.

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