How to Install Chrome on a Different Drive in Windows

My PC has a tiny tough drive, so we have usually allocated 25GB of space to a C expostulate (system drive) and store all my information in other drives. Everything works excellent – solely for Chrome. In box we don’t know, Chrome gives no choice to implement it on any other drive solely a complement expostulate (i.e. a C drive). And even if we pierce a Chrome focus to a opposite drive, a data is still accessible in a complement drive that simply accounts for GBs of space over time.

After a bit of investigate and experiments, we managed to find a elementary process to kick Chrome in a possess game. With a assistance of junctions in Windows, we can make Chrome consider it is still on a complement expostulate even yet a calm will be on a opposite drive.

If we are also looking to pierce Chrome to a opposite drive, afterwards keep reading and I’ll uncover we how to do it.

1. Delete formerly commissioned Chrome

First, we need to undo a essence of any prior Chrome designation and also create a end folder on a opposite expostulate where we wish to implement Chrome.

Uninstall Chrome and pierce to a below-mentioned plcae in your PC:

C:UsersYour UsernameAppDataLocalGoogleChrome

In a above location, reinstate Your Username with your tangible username. In my case, it’s Administrator.

When we strech a Google folder, undo a Chrome folder inside it. Make certain we don’t undo a Google folder.

delete a Chrome folderdelete a Chrome folder

Afterwards, go to a expostulate where we wish to implement Chrome and emanate a folder in that we wish Chrome to reside. we have combined a folder with a name Chrome in D drive.

create a foldercreate a folder

2. Download and implement a Junction app

Although junctions is a Windows built-in feature, though Windows natively doesn’t boat with an focus to emanate junctions. You’ll need a third-party connection app accessible on Microsoft website. Here’s how to implement it.

  1. Download Junction app from a Microsoft website.
  2. It would be in ZIP format. Open a zip record regulating your elite descent tool (like 7-zip) and mislay a junction.exe (or junction64.exe if we have a 64-bit system) record in C:WindowsSystem32 folder.
  3. extract a junction.exe record extract a junction.exe record

Make certain we implement it in a System32 folder inside a Windows, differently it won’t work.

3. Create connection regulating a Junction app

Now we need to emanate a connection to route information from a default Chrome destination to a new one. It’s a authority line tool, so we’ll have to use Windows Command Prompt to emanate a junction.

Press Windows + R to open a Run dialog and form cmd in it to open a Command Prompt.

Command PromptCommand Prompt

Here we need to enter a below-mentioned authority accordingly.

junction.exe "Default plcae of Chrome" "Your end location"

You need to replace a locations accordingly in a above command as we have mentioned and make certain we supplement a quotes (“”) as well. In my case, a tangible authority looks like this:

junction.exe "C:UsersAdministratorAppDataLocalGoogleChrome" "D:Chrome"

Hit enter and we will see a acknowledgment that a plcae has been targeted.

location has been targetedlocation has been targeted

4. Download and implement Chrome

Now go to a Chrome website and download and implement Chrome as we routinely do. The Chrome focus will be commissioned in a default plcae in a complement drive, though a data folder will be done in a new location that we combined in a opposite drive.

data folder in a new locationdata folder in a new location

There is no need to pierce Chrome focus to a new destination as well. It is hardly 300MB in distance after installation and will not grow in distance over time. However, if we don’t wish a Chrome focus on a complement expostulate as well, afterwards follow a next instructions.

  1. Go to C expostulate Program Files Google. Here right-click on Chrome folder and name Cut.
  2. Cut Chrome folder Cut Chrome folder
  3. Now pierce to a end folder where we wish Chrome and pulp a Chrome folder.
  4. paste a Chrome folderpaste a Chrome folder

Note: If you’ll pierce a Chrome application, a desktop by-pass will turn unusable. You’ll have to create a new desktop by-pass from a new plcae of Chrome.

To mislay a junction

In a future, if we need to implement Chrome again in a default location, afterwards you’ll have to mislay a connection first. Here’s how to do it.

Uninstall Chrome and open a Command Prompt. Afterwards, enter a below-mentioned authority as described.

junction -d "The default plcae of Chrome where we combined a junction"

Fill a compulsory margin accordingly. In my case, it looks like this.

junction -d "C:UsersAdministratorAppDataLocalGoogleChrome"

Remove junctionRemove junction


The above process competence be a small cumbersome, though it will certainly be means to dope Chrome and make it work from a opposite drive. It’s good to know that we can also use a above process to pierce Chrome to a opposite expostulate instead of installing it from scratch.

To do so, instead of deletion Chrome’s information folder, cut it and pierce it to a new plcae and afterwards emanate a junction. Do let us know in a comments if we have any questions.

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