How to Improve Your Data Privacy on Facebook

Neither we support a #DeleteFacebook debate nor do we devise to quit Facebook, nonetheless to be clever from my finish we did make changes in my criticism to urge my Facebook privacy. we trust nobody wishes to have anything stolen, let alone personal data; and nonetheless one can't wholly control a information on Facebook nonetheless one can certainly strengthen it.

In this post, we am going to walk we by a techniques to determine if your information was improperly common with Cambridge Analytica, and in possibly case, protect your personal data from a probable breach, hack, or trickle in a future. Are we prepared to bulletproof your criticism on Facebook? All right then, let’s begin.

Check if your information was stolen

I wish we contingency have listened about a Cambridge Analytica scandal, that sheds light on a improper information pity of users of Facebook. Mike Schroepfer, CTO during Facebook, announced by Facebook Newsroom that a information of adult to 87 million accounts might have been stolen by a domestic consulting firm.

Facebook users with their information stolenFacebook users with their information stolen
Credits: Facebook Newsroom

Thankfully, after all a exhilarated campaigns and discussions, Facebook supposing a tool to check if your information was improperly shared. Please record in to your criticism and go to this page. You contingency check a territory “Was My Information Shared?” to endorse if your information was breached. Though, we can't mislay what is already done, sadly, we can take measures to serve strengthen your data.

Check if your info was stolen on FacebookCheck if your info was stolen on Facebook

Protect your information on Facebook

Run Privacy Checkup

First of all, we can get elementary settings right by regulating a recently announced apparatus named as “Privacy Checkup”. How to entrance it? Just record in to your criticism click a ? (question mark) symbol in a blue bar, and name Privacy Checkup.

Do a Privacy Checkup on FacebookDo a Privacy Checkup on Facebook

Once we have clicked a option, we will see a modal that allows we to check and change pity settings for posts, apps, and your profile. It is endorsed to share your posts with usually “friends”, undo all a apps we are no longer using, and share essential or supportive form info with “only me”.

Manage remoteness settings

Facebook is not particularly a sealed amicable network, so your profile, generally a loosely accessible information, might be manifest publicly on a web or open to others on a network. Though it is not a regard if we are discreet about pity and essay posts nonetheless we trust fixing a loopholes is equal to improved privacy. It will also stop information mining or scraping attempts of such companies.

Open Settings in FacebookOpen Settings in Facebook

You can strengthen your account, usually login into Facebook, click on a down arrow button and name Settings. Now we contingency name Privacy from a left sidebar, and we will get to a “Privacy Settings and Tools” screen.

Privacy Settings and Tools of FacebookPrivacy Settings and Tools of Facebook

On this page, we will see many applicable settings that are crucial to your privacy on this amicable giant. If we are targeting extent remoteness of your criticism along with your posts and form information, afterwards we will advise settings:

  • Who can see your destiny posts? Friends
  • Who can send we crony requests? “Friends of friends” or Everyone (but examination crony requests before usurpation them if we name this option)
  • Who can see your friends list? “Only me”
  • Who can demeanour we adult regulating a email residence we provided? “Friends of friends” or Friends (but afterwards new people will not be means to find you)
  • Who can demeanour we adult regulating a phone series we provided? “Friends of friends” or Friends (but again new people will not be means to find you)
  • Do we wish hunt engines outward of Facebook to couple to your profile? No (just uncheck a checkbox given underneath this choice or section)

Stop pity calls texts

In a midst of all a information crack liaison came another trickle that Facebook logs your calls and texts though your permission. Though Facebook reported that it is an opt-in feature, nonetheless we find their choice says usually “Sync Contacts” in a settings, that does not make it transparent either it uploads usually a numbers or a examination story as well.

Block accede for Facebook and MessengerBlock accede for Facebook and Messenger

Nevertheless, we can invalidate this underline regulating this brief tutorial. Moreover, if we are regulating Android 6 (Marshmallow) or above on your device, afterwards we will recommend restraint a permissions (SMS and Telephone) for Facebook apps including Instagram and Messenger. You can do a same by opening Settings selecting Apps App permissions, selecting SMS and toggling off this choice for a apps, and selecting Telephone and toggling it off for all Facebook apps.

Review apps and websites

Facebook is not usually a place to speak to friends nonetheless also a amicable record in use that lets we record into apps, games, and websites now though requiring we to pointer adult on them regulating your email and password. You get a ease-of-use we want, nonetheless there is a catch. Along a way, we provide entrance to your account to those apps, games, and websites, so they can check and collect information.

If we do not know, an app named “This Is Your Digital Life” was a real law-breaker behind a information breach executed by Cambridge Analytica. That said, we contingency check each new app, game, or website we pointer in regulating Facebook record in, and we contingency also examination all previously-allowed apps, games, and websites.

You can do it by clicking on a down arrow button on a blue bar and selecting Settings and selecting “Apps and Websites” from a left sidebar. On this page, we will see 3 tabs — Active, Expired, and Removed. Please check apps and websites in Active and Expired tabs, and mislay a ones we do not devise to use in destiny and or we find antagonistic or suspicious.

Moreover, for a apps that we devise to use, we contingency check and determine their access to your data. You can click on “View and edit” couple subsequent an app’s name to check a permissions. we will advise to invalidate entrance to all non-required information, i.e., deselect all buttons that we can uncheck. It is flattering simple, is it not?

Provide a ad preferences

Facebook is a giveaway service, nonetheless a association is value billions of dollars, interjection to a promotion business. If we do now know, a amicable hulk works on “targeted ads”, that means we see ads formed on your interests and preferences. That also means it shares and uses your data with advertisers to uncover we ads.

Though we can't spin off a ads wholly on this amicable network nonetheless we can change a ad preferences to control a information that gets common with a advertisers and a ads we substantially see from those advertisers. Thankfully, Facebook provides a dashboard to entrance and change a ad preferences.

If we wish to open this dashboard on Facebook, record in to your criticism and click on a down arrow symbol and name Settings. Choose a choice Ads from a left sidebar, and we will see a “Your ad preferences” shade (dashboard).

Once we are on this screen, we will see roughly a same information that Facebook and a advertisers on a height use to uncover we targeted ads. You might not like a information that is used to uncover we ads including your information and interests.

Ad preferences shade on FacebookAd preferences shade on Facebook

If we enhance a “Your interests” section, we will see your interests (you might notice that Facebook knows some-more about we than yourself) underneath categories. You can float over an interest’s picture and click a X button to mislay it.

If we enhance a “Advertisers you’ve interacted with” section, we can see a several advertisers who uncover targeted ads. Again, we can float over an advertiser’s picture and click a X button to stop saying ads from that advertiser. we was some-more than dismayed to see a list of advertisers who know me adequate to upload my hit info to uncover me ads on Facebook.

Your information territory in ad preferencesYour information territory in ad preferences

In a other territory “Your information“, we will find a supportive information that is common with a advertisers. You can toggle off a buttons to invalidate pity these items. Also, if we switch to a “Your categories” tab, we will find a ad categories (based on your behaviors) that are used to uncover we applicable ads — usually click a X button to undo a non-professional categories.

In a subsequent territory named “Ad settings“, we will get some control over ad preferences. Here we get to name how all of your information can be used to uncover targeted ads to you. we will advise environment initial dual options (“Ads formed on information from partners” and “Ads formed on your activity on Facebook Company Products that we see elsewhere”) to “Not allowed” and No, and a third to “No One“. If we wish to continue saying a targeted ads, we contingency name otherwise.

Ad settings (preferences) on FacebookAd settings (preferences) on Facebook

In a final territory “Hide ad topics“, we will see several ad topics, from which, ads are shown to you. You might crop a topics by switching a tabs and use a toggle buttons to yield your preference. Facebook offers 3 options — “Hide for 6 months”, “Hide for 1 year”, and “Permanently” for this purpose.

Turn off Facebook Platform

Facebook Platform is a powerful tenure used for a set of collection and services accessible for a third-party developers. That means it is a same height that allows developers to emanate and publish apps and games. Finally, these ask permissions from we to entrance your criticism information on Facebook.

As we told before, a app named “This Is Your Digital Life” was a tangible indicate of source that extracted your data for Cambridge Analytica. That said, if we spin off a Facebook Platform, afterwards we automatically retard all previously-allowed or any new apps, games, and websites to entrance your criticism data.

Of course, it also means that we will not be means to use any app or diversion on Facebook, and also we will get sealed out of all websites where we sealed in regulating Facebook. That said, a new information liaison has valid a significance of “personal data” and that we contingency do all in your energy to strengthen it. Do we consider otherwise? If not, afterwards usually spin off Facebook Platform.

Turn off Facebook Platform for improved privacyTurn off Facebook Platform for improved privacy

How to spin it off? Just record in to your criticism on Facebook click a down arrow button in a tip blue bar, and name Settings. Then, name a choice “Apps and Websites” from a left sidebar click a Edit symbol shown in a territory “Apps, Websites and Games“, and finally, click a “Turn Off” button.

Is remoteness wholly achievable?

I consider a ultimate remoteness is roughly unfit to grasp in this digital age with everybody providing some or a other info to each app and website on a Internet. However, we do trust that we can extent unapproved entrance to the information if we are unwavering adequate to manage and examination the online activities.

What do we think? Please write to me during @aksinghnet or write a comment.

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