How to Fix Android Delayed Notifications

Recently, notifications on my Android phone were being behind by adult to 15 minutes, and infrequently didn’t even strech me until we open a app. It was utterly frustrating and we missed many obligatory messages. However, it turns out it was mostly a error on my end. As we was perplexing to optimize my phone for improved performance, we done some mistakes in a process.

If we are also confronting a laggy Android phone causing behind notifications, afterwards there are a garland of reasons because it might be happening. In this post, I’ll list all a solutions to behind notifications on Android.

Stop regulating battery phone optimizing apps

Most phone and battery optimizing apps tighten all a credentials processes to giveaway adult RAM and put reduction bucket on a phone. This might boost your phone speed, though it will lead to behind or no notifications from your apps.

A lot of these background processes sync information and broach notifications. Once they are disabled, we would not be means to accept any updates from a commissioned apps unless we open them or they have a underline to automatically spin on.

Don’t kill credentials processes yourself

Following adult to a above point, many users like to disable credentials processes from a Android settings to get a bit opening boost. Don’t do it, during slightest not for a apps from that we are awaiting notifications, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

You should also refrain from task-killing apps that guarantee to totally tighten down a app when we tighten an app regulating them. They also kill credentials processes while shutting a app interface.

Use Power Saver mode wisely

If we have a phone using Android Lollipop or newer handling system, afterwards we must know about a Power Saver mode that helps we get some-more extract out of a battery.

Usually, we are asked to spin on a battery saver mode when your battery goes subsequent 15%, that is good for gripping your phone alive when we need it. However, Power Saver mode disables an critical underline of a phone i.e. information syncing.

While Power Saver mode is enabled, no app will syncs information in a credentials to keep we updated so you will not accept any notifications either. Don’t keep Power Saver mode enabled all a time, and only capacitate it on low battery when we are certain we are not watchful for an critical message.

Keep Wi-Fi enabled during all times

In box we only accept notifications as shortly as we clear a screen, afterwards there is a possibility that your Wi-Fi gets infirm when your phone goes to sleep. It’s good for battery saving, though bad for information syncing.

Here’s how to repair it:

  1. Go to phone Settings and daub on Wi-Fi.
  2. Now daub on a main menu during a top-right corner and name Advanced from it.
  3. On a subsequent page, safeguard “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” choice is set to Always.
  4. keep wifi on while sleepkeep wifi on while sleep

This should keep Wi-Fi on when a shade goes black and uncover notifications in time.

Fixing behind notifications for a sold app

If a notifications are being behind for a sold app and not all of a apps, afterwards there are mixed ways to repair it. First, make certain it is properly syncing information in a background over mobile information connection:

  1. Go to phone Settings, daub on Data Usage.
  2. Select a particular app, make certain “Restrict app credentials data” underline is incited off.
  3. disable shorten information usagedisable shorten information usage

If that’s not a problem, afterwards we can also try deletion cache of a app.

  1. Go to Apps from a phone Settings and open adult a particular app.
  2. Tap on“Clear Cache” button to flush a cache.
  3. You can also daub on‘Clear data” button to undo all a information of a app.

However, this will also undo all a app preferences and saved information unless it is corroborated adult in a cloud.

delete app cachedelete app cache

Decrease Android Heartbeat Interval

Almost all of a messaging apps in your phone use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) use to send pull notifications. Your phone keeps a fast tie with this use to safeguard we accept timely notifications.

For this purpose, your phone will send a network parcel called a “Heartbeat” after each few mins to safeguard we are connected and means to accept notifications. The parcel interlude is 15 mins for Wi-Fi connection, and 28 mins for mobile information connection.

Now there is a little problem, many routers and carriers undo from an dead pier after few minutes of inactivity, customarily 5 minutes. So if we will not accept a presentation for 5 minutes, afterwards your tie will be terminated. And we will not accept any notifications until another parcel (heartbeat) is sent and a tie is made.

To solve this problem, we simply need to speed adult a magnitude of a heartbeat packet. And for this purpose, we can use a giveaway app Push Notifications Fixer. After installation, we will see dual options, Mobile heartbeat interval, and Wi-Fi heartbeat interval.

Both of these options will be set to 5 minutes, that is ideal as many connectors customarily timeout after 5 mins or more. Tap on a Apply symbol to apply this heartbeat interval and we should start receiving notifications in time.

heartbeat intervalheartbeat interval

Increasing a heartbeat interlude impacts your altogether battery timing. However, a impact is really smallest and we didn’t see any conspicuous disproportion in battery time after installing this app. In box we wish to switch back to default heartbeat interval, possibly uninstall a app or set a default interlude right from a app.

Ending thoughts

Push Notifications Fixer bound my problem of behind notifications. And we theory we was a dope to use Power Saver underline all a time in hopes of removing some-more adult time. The above-mentioned solutions should be adequate to solve your problem of behind Android notifications. Do share that of these methods worked for you.

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