How to Find Wi-Fi Passwords in Android & iOS

WiFi is indispensable for a smartphone owner as roughly each app needs internet to run. Probably that’s because people have such funny WiFi router names to strengthen it from being misused. However, there’re times when we need to connect a new device to your WiFi network though forget a password, or wish to share a WiFi cue though don’t know how to entrance it in your smartphone.

Well, to understanding with all those discouraging situations, we have stoical this post for finding WiFi passwords in smartphones. Either it’s your Android device or an iOS phone, you’ll find useful solutions for accessing saved passwords. Let’s take a look.


On an Adroid smartphone, it is unequivocally difficult to find Wi-Fi passwords as a folder is saved in a base office and a OS doesn’t give entrance to it. You need to have elevated director privileges to be means to access that folder and see a password.

Therefore, if we wish to see saved Wi-Fi passwords, you’ll have to root your Android device.

On a secure Android phone, we can possibly use a record manager such as Solid Explorer to manually hunt for a passwords, or use a dedicated app to automatically remove all a passwords. we recommend regulating a third-party app as it is some-more discerning and will make it easy to conduct and share a passwords if need be.

For this purpose, Wifi Password Show is a good app that is free and easy to use. Just implement a app on your secure phone and it will list all of your saved WiFi passwords along with their SSID. You can afterwards duplicate all a data, or even share with anyone around content summary or email.

show wifi passwordshow wifi password

Alternatively, if we only wish to move your stored WiFi cue from one device to another afterwards we don’t need to base your device. Google automatically backs adult all your saved WiFi passwords in a servers along with other critical data.

So, many substantially your passwords will be corroborated adult in your Google comment as well. Just log into your Google comment by another Android phone and all your WiFi networks information will be automatically synced.


Similar to Android, iOS also doesn’t concede we to see WiFi passwords though jailbreaking your device. If we have a jailbroken iOS device, afterwards we can simply hunt for “see WiFi passwords” on Cydia and we will find mixed apps to exhibit WiFi passwords.

There is also an choice resolution for non-jailbroken iOS users as well, however, we will need to have a device using MacOS to be means to use this trick. iCloud Keychain is a accessible syncing underline to sync all your passwords on your Apple devices, including a WiFi passwords.

You only need to enable iCloud Keychain and a passwords in your iOS device will be automatically synced with your Mac.

enable icloud keychain iosenable icloud keychain ios

Once all a passwords have been synced to your Mac, we can use a instructions supposing in my post about finding passwords on Mac to exhibit your iOS passwords there. Similarly, if we need to move your WiFi networks to another iOS device, afterwards iCloud Keychain will assistance you there as well.

Finding saved WiFi passwords can be wily on both Adroid and iOS smartphones, however a solutions mentioned above are discerning and elementary and would many really assistance even a many beginner of a smartphone users.

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