How to Extract Text from Images Using Command Line

It’s easy adequate to review an picture and lift a content yourself. But dynamically pulling text from a print is a bit tougher, and thankfully, imgclip offers a sincerely elementary solution.

This command-line tool runs in a depot for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It simply takes an evidence for a picture record along with a language, afterwards returns a text copied to your clipboard.

Why All Developers Should Learn Command Line

Why All Developers Should Learn Command Line

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You can implement a whole library around npm and it’s a pretty elementary install. The thing is only a few KB large and it comes with a JS record that we can crop on GitHub.

Imgclip uses a Tesseract.js library for automating picture estimate and pulling content around OCR. It’s one of a many absolute OCR libraries to date, and it’s totally open source only like imgclip.

I consider I’m many tender with a peculiarity and speed of this tool. It unequivocally does work to pull accurate text and it’s one of a simplest collection to use.

The imgclip authority should be run directly in a terminal, followed by a relations trail to a image. You can also supplement four options onto a finish to customize a output.

  1. -h, --help: outputs use information
  2. -V, --version: outputs a chronicle number
  3. -l, --lang: outputs a denunciation of a content in a image
  4. -p, --print: prints out a content in a picture (instead of duplicating to clipboard)

As of this writing, Tesseract supports 65 languages with some-more on a way. The formula we attach to a --lang tab should be whatever formula is used in those Tesseract files.

For example, -l eng will hunt a picture for English text, while -l jpn will hunt for Japanese text and we can even run -l jpn_vert to hunt for vertically-oriented Japanese text.

Since imgclip relies heavily on Tesseract, we fundamentally have a energy of that whole library during your disposal.

To get started, revisit a GitHub page and download a duplicate locally, or implement it to a specific office around npm. Then, we can run a apparatus in a depot like an focus to parse any picture we want.

To see imgclip in action, check out this brief video combined as an imgclip demo.

imgclip cli demo video

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