How to Drive Recurring E-Commerce Sales in 2017

I mostly see businesses some-more endangered about removing new business instead of retaining a existent ones. But, do we know that it costs 5 times as much to attract a new patron than to keep an existent one!

Considering how important it is to keep your aged e-commerce customers to expostulate steady sales, we have created this essay touching all a pivotal points. we will plead opposite tips to assistance we in creating a improved e-commerce experience for your business so they keep entrance behind to your site for more.

Identify a reasons because business leave

Firstly, we need to brand all a possible reasons of business withdrawal your site. These can be any of a following:

  • The patron has left a market.
  • Your aspirant has swayed a patron to join their service.
  • Dissatisfied with your service.
  • Customer believes we do not caring for them.

Once we pinpoint a reason because your existent patron has motionless to take a u-turn, it automatically becomes easy for we to work on that sold shred of your e-commerce business.

Calculate CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)

In sequence to assess a value of net profit an existent patron (if retained) competence yield to your business, we calculate a Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). It is a predictive analytics technique that can assistance we forecast a whole destiny attribute of a patron with your enterprise.

The easiest approach to calculate CLV is by regulating a subsequent formula:


  • CLV = Customer Lifetime Value
  • CV = Customer Value
  • t = Store’s Average Lifespan



  • AOV = Average Order Value
  • f = Purchase Frequency

AOV can be distributed by a formula:

And f can be distributed by a formula:


t (stores lifespan) is customarily 1 to 3 years.

This is a elementary calculation that shows as how many months or years a patron stays with a company before going dormant.


Strategies to keep customers

It is vicious for an e-commerce business to drive some-more online income by generating steady e-commerce sales. Here are some of a ways to capacitate business to spend some-more but apropos dormant:

1. Simplify a checkout process

Customers are some-more expected to purchase regularly during your website if a checkout routine is elementary and convenient. Do not make a patron fill a sum any time they purchase, rather provide auto-filling of a fields that sojourn same like a name, address, and label details. Your concentration should be to save your customer’s time and supplement convenience to a process.

Here are some ways to facilitate a checkout process:

  • Use AJAX to dynamically refurbish a page but a need to modernise it.
  • Remove distractions (like a categorical menu) and keep usually a essential fields (payment sum and smoothness details) in a checkout page. Tools like Usersnap can assistance we lane bugs on your site easily.
  • If there is an error on a customer’s part afterwards prominence a blunder by regulating a summary popup and indoctrinate a patron what to do next.
  • Once a sequence is placed, clearly state a date and time of a delivery.
  • Send emails and messages confirming a sequence placement.
  • Ensure, a checkout works uniformly on all devices.

Have a demeanour during a subsequent one-step checkout process for Magento:

2. Reward your customers

Customers adore to be rewarded. It can be in a form of inviting your constant business to association events or promulgation them customized messages or gifts on their birthdays or anniversaries. Tools like LoyaltyBox are a good assistance in automating a routine of rewarding your customers.

Here are some some-more ways we can request to prerogative your customers:

  • Give cashback or faithfulness points to a business once they finish their initial squeeze that can be redeemed during their subsequent purchase.
  • Charge upfront price and provide VIP benefits. A good instance is of Amazon Prime that charges $99 annually and a users get giveaway shipping with no smallest purchase.
  • Partner with other companies to provide a business with all thorough offers. For example, we can tie adult with a sauna association and offer giveaway sauna services to business when they strech a sold level.
3. Ask for constructive feedback

Customers demeanour for a height where they can share their voice. Feedback is an critical middle to optimize a patron squeeze journey. You can ask for user feedback by a following ways:

  • Send emails to business after they make a squeeze seeking them about their knowledge like “Did we find a checkout routine easy?” OR “What would we like to change in a checkout routine in sequence to make it easier?”
  • Similarly, we can ask them about their experience with a sold product that they purchased.
  • You can also provide pro-active live discuss support to accumulate genuine time feedback and minimize a attrition to a purchase.
  • Gather information regulating patron surveys. Move brazen with a shorter, “slider” consult that appears onscreen as a patron browses your site.
4. Offer unchanging discounts

Who doesn’t like discounts? Rewarding your constant business by sending them bonus coupons is a good approach to raise patron retention.

Shopify is one of a many arguable platforms when it comes to generating additional online sales. You can take advantage of Shopify’s banking and bonus feature. Create coupons and allot bonus codes to beget some-more business.

You can emanate discounts on a basement of:

  • Percentage – 10% off on your altogether purchase.
  • Shipping costs – offer business giveaway shipping.
5. Provide fit patron service

You should always be supportive towards your customers and assistance them with whatever issues they competence be facing. A bad and emasculate patron use is mostly one of a common reasons because business destroy to repeat purchase. Here are some tips for providing improved patron service:

  • The patron use executives should be courteous and respectful.
  • They contingency listen to what a patron is saying. A good support representative has to be a good listener.
  • Response should be given in genuine time and all a queries should be bound during a earliest. Support agents mostly try to slight a patron queries and do not yield an evident solution.
  • Consistently check with your business either they are happy with a products and services. Proper feedback is essential for a success of a business. You can check out a customer use feedback templates supposing by SurveyMonkey.
6. “Open a Relationship” instead of “Closing a Sale”

The expansion of an e-commerce business is dependant on sales, however, a sales are eventually generated by customers. Therefore, if we try to tighten sales instead of opening attribute with a customers, it will usually advantage we in short-term.

Instead, it is critical to open adult a attribute with your patron and concentration on long-term advantages for your e-commerce business.

In conclusion

It is critical for we to maintain a right opinion with your customers during any indicate during a patron lifecycle. You contingency surpass a expectations of a business and always sojourn available. Remember that a happy patron is a constant customer.

How do we keep a business happy? Do let me know in a comments below.

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