How to Detect and Stop Email Tracking

There are countless services that concede a sender to lane emails, including when email was opened, that links were clicked, what device was used, and even a recipient’s stream location. And all of this though a agree of a reader.

Therefore, we consider emails should be something personal and we find email tracking a form of remoteness invasion. So, a remedy we use for this are a garland of tricks to lane and invalidate email tracking. If we feel a same, afterwards we can assistance we save yourself from email tracking as well. Below are some ways we can know if your emails are being tracked and how to invalidate this underline for your emails.

How Email Tracking Works

Before we get to a business, let’s initial see how email tracking indeed works. Usually, there are dual ways to lane emails. Either a tracking program will insert an invisible trackable picture called pixel-beacon, or we will accept a couple that we can click to see a email content.

In a initial method, a trackable images bond with tracking program servers to let them know about email interaction. And in a box of a tracking link, a interface where we review a email is a tracker in itself.

Detect Emails Manually

There are mixed ways to detect email tracking, subsequent are solutions to many common tracking methods:

Method 1: Look for outmost images

All of a renouned email services like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo don’t uncover outmost images by default. Your email provider will automatically ask to open outmost images or not, in box there is a trackable image. You can decline this ask to invalidate tracking for that email.

Of course, there is a possibility that a email might have contained an critical picture instead. However, we will have to theory yourself whether a email contained a tracking picture or an tangible ocular image.

Method 2: Don’t click a link

Opening links inside email is never recommended, and this is generally loyal for links to see a email content. If a email has a couple to see a email content, afterwards usually click it when it’s ok to let a sender know that we have review a message.

Method 3: Look for third-party email addresses

Most server side trackers send their email or website URL along with a email, we can demeanour for it to check for tracking.

To detect if your email is being tracked by this method, go to your email use and demeanour for Show Original Message choice that shows server side data. For example, in Gmail, we can click on More Show Original to entrance it.

show strange messageshow strange message

To see all a addresses in a strange message, Press Ctrl + F and in it. This will exhibit all a email or website addresses mentioned there. If we find any third-party residence detached from your email service, links in a message, or your possess email address, afterwards search it online to see if it connects to a tracking use or not.

The subsequent screenshot shows that email is being tracked by a renouned email tracking use Yesware.

check email addresscheck email address

Using this method, we can also use a keyword track inside a strange content. Sometimes a tracking use might not discuss their address, though track or tracking word should be there.

Detect Emails Automatically

The above methods are good, though not really reliable. That is because we suggest regulating a third-party app instead that is some-more effective. For this purpose, we am regulating Ugly Email given a inception. It’s a Chrome prolongation that lets we see tracked emails in Gmail. Unfortunately, it’s singular to Chrome and Gmail users only.

Ugly Email has softened a lot recently and supports roughly all of a renouned tracking services. It can detect and invalidate email tracking, and can even tell that use was used for tracking. Once installed, it will simply uncover an “eye” idol subsequent to tracked emails.

Egly Email eye iconEgly Email eye icon

You can freely open tracked emails as Ugly Email automatically disables a trackers. You will see a presentation whenever tracking is disabled. In my experience, it is means of blocking many forms of tracking methods. Even when all a above primer methods unsuccessful for me; Ugly Email was still means to find and invalidate a trackers.

tracking blockedtracking blocked


I should also advise we that detached from analytics purpose, email tracking is also used by scammers to govern improved phishing attacks. They can know either a email is active, and afterwards lane your activity to find your diseased mark to fraud you.

Protecting yourself from tracked emails will concede we to reply to emails during your possess gait and presumably save yourself from scams.

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