How to Customize Windows 10 Startup/Welcome Sound

In a prior post, we highlighted some ways with that we can manage a startup programs in Windows. But did we know that we can customize Windows startup chime with a tradition message? If not, afterwards this post will tell we only how to do so.

You can set adult a tradition acquire message, an critical reminder, a motivational message, or even antic your hermit by environment adult a tradition summary on his PC. Whatever your reasons are, it’s unequivocally easy to set adult a tradition voice summary on your Windows PC and I’ll uncover we how.

Note: This tip will work on Windows 7 and 8 as well.

Step 1: Create VBScript

You initial need to emanate a VBScript containing a voice summary and afterwards put it in a Startup folder to govern it on Windows startup.

To emanate a VBScript you need to open adult Notepad first. Type notepad in Windows hunt bar and name Notepad from a list. In a Notepad, copy/paste a below-mentioned code:

dim speech
text="Your Message"
set speech=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
speech.speak text

Here, we can reinstate a Your Message partial with your possess text. Just remember to supplement a quotes.

pasting a codespasting a codes

Now click on File, go to Save and save a record with .vbs extension. You can name a record whatever we like, though it contingency have .vbs extension. For example: “welcome.vbs“.

save vbscriptsave vbscript

To exam a file, open it (by double-clicking) and we should hear your summary in a voice of a Window’s built-in narrator.

open vbscriptopen vbscript

Note: If we see a formula blunder when we launch a VBScript, afterwards try re-adding all a quotes (” “) in a code we provided. Sometimes a disproportion of rise character can stop a book from operative (happened to me).

If we wish to edit a script, afterwards right-click on it and name Edit. You can cgange a summary partial however we greatfully and open a book to exam a changes. The text anecdotist respects many forms of punctuations, such as comma, full stop, or apostrophe, though punctuations like a doubt symbol or exclamation symbol will not be entertained.

edit scriptedit script

Additionally, a narrator doesn’t pronounce non-english difference properly, such as your name. But we can assistance it pronounce improved by entering a word as it sounds. For example, a anecdotist speaks my name improved when we form “Kaaraar“, instead of “Karrar“.

Step 2: Drop VBScript in Startup folder

After formulating and contrast a VBScript, let’s dump it in a Startup folder to make it startup with Windows:

  1. Press Windows + R keys and form shell:startup in a Run dialog to open a Startup folder.
  2. Here, copy/paste a VBScript.
move book to startup foldermove book to startup folder

Whatever is combined to a Startup folder automatically launches when Windows start so same will occur to this script. Restart your PC, and we will be welcomed with your tradition voice summary when a desktop opens up.

The voice summary will play after a other startup programs so it might check a bit depending on your startup apps. And later, if we wish to get absolved of a tradition voice message, simply undo a book from a Startup folder or pierce it somewhere else.

To conclude

As a custom voice summary is regulating Windows built-in Narrator app, it should be means to pronounce out anything we type. In box we wish to form a denunciation detached from English, it would be improved to form a word diction instead of a accurate spelling.

In what artistic ways are we going use this trick? Do share with us in a comments.

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