How to Create GIF Gameplay with PlayStation 4’s ShareFactory

Sony rolled out a 2.0 update for a PlayStation 4’s ShareFactory video editor today, bringing with it several new features. One of these facilities is a new GIF creator, permitting users to create 10-second GIFs out of any stored gameplay videos.

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Here’s a beam on how we can emanate your possess GIFs on ShareFactory.

Step 1

Boot adult ShareFactory and name a GIF option.

step 01step 01

Step 2

The menu will concede we to select between regulating footage that was prisoner by a console or prior ShareFactory projects. Select a footage from possibly folder to proceed.

step 02step 02

Step 3

Once a footage is selected, you’ll be brought to a video editor. From here, corkscrew by a video to find a starting indicate for your GIF. Once selected, ShareFactory will automatically modify a subsequent 9 seconds of a footage into a GIF.

Step 4

After a conversion, you’ll be means to trim a GIF to make it demeanour better.

step 03step 03

Step 5

Once you’re finished editing, you’ll be given a choice to Share It to your amicable media accounts. If we wish to share your GIFs later, we can find a GIF you’ve combined in a ShareFactory folder.

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