How to Create and Customize Ringtones on Android Phones

There are dozens of apps and websites to download ringtones and use it on your Android phone. However, there is a chance a ringtone of your favorite balance might not be available, or not combined to your taste. If that’s a case, afterwards we can also emanate your possess ringtones from your favorite songs and melodies.

In today’s post, we will uncover we how we can create a ringtone out of any audio file and do it though spending a penny.

Create Ringtones on Android

To emanate ringtones on your Android phone, you’ll need a third-party app. There’re many ringtone creator apps accessible on Google Play Store, though we found Ringdroid to be a many arguable one. It is an open-source app that is completely giveaway to use and doesn’t enclose any ads. On tip of that it is astonishingly easy to use, so we will be using it for proof purpose.

Although, if Ringdroid doesn’t work for we or we are looking for some-more features, afterwards there are other options as well. Ringtone Maker and MP3 Cutter are also great apps that are giveaway (but ad supported) and have arguable features.

Using Ringdroid

Install and launch Ringdroid and it’ll automatically list all a audio files in your phone or SD label in a interface. If we can’t find your compulsory tone, afterwards daub on a “Menu” symbol on a top-right dilemma (three straight dots) and name “Show All Audio” option. This will hunt and list all a audio files to safeguard zero is missed.

show all audioshow all audio

Do keep in mind that Ringdroid lists all of a audio files in your phone, including complement sounds and other app UI sounds. Try not to get confused and use a “Search” bar above (if necessary) to fast hunt for compulsory audio files.

Create ringtones regulating Ringdroid

To start formulating a ringtones, tap on a audio record that we wish to customize and it will open adult in Ringdroid editor. The audio record will be shown as waves with dual tractable sliders on it to mention a start and finish point. Below we will see “play/pause” buttons and “start/end” time in seconds.

ringdroid editorringdroid editor

There are mixed ways to mention start and finish points to remove a ringtone out of a audio file. You can use a start and finish sliders to mention accurate start and finish point of a ringtone. It will turn easier if we play a audio record while doing so to pinpoint a location. Although it is not compulsory and we can also mention though personification a audio.

adjust slideradjust slider

Another accurate process to do this is to play a audio file and daub on “Start” symbol as shortly as a starting indicate is played. Similarly, daub on a “End” symbol when a finale indicate is played. This process is a small slower, though we will get accurate start and finish points.

tap start finish pointtap start finish point

And of course, we can also manually enter a starting and finale points in “Seconds” by drumming on a opposite subsequent to “Start” and “End” buttons. You contingency know a accurate start and finish points in seconds to use this method.

input start finish pointinput start finish point

Once a start and finish points have been specified, daub on a “Save” symbol above to save a ringtone. You can now give it a name and set it as default ringtone.

save ringtonesave ringtone

This is flattering many it, a ringtone will be combined and saved as a apart record from a strange one.

Other Ringdroid options

Ringdroid also has some other accessible facilities to use it effectively. Below is an reason of any option.

Search bar

The hunt bar in a categorical interface is unequivocally accessible and does a good pursuit of finding a right audio file. As Ringdroid loads all forms of audio files stored on your phone, many substantially we will need a assistance of this “Search” bar. The Search bar updates in real-time and we can hunt files with both pretension name or artist name.

search ringtonesearch ringtone
Set as default

You can set an audio record as default ringtone, presentation tinge or alarm tone right inside a Ringdroid interface. Simply daub on a upside down arrow subsequent to a audio record and name “Set as default”.

set as defaultset as default
Assign to contact

If a record is a ringtone, afterwards we can also allot it to specific contacts to simply brand them. Tap on a upside down arrow subsequent to a ringtone and daub on “Assign to Contacts” option. Now only name a hit from a contacts list to allot to it.

assign to contactassign to contact
Record Audio

You can also record audio to emanate ringtones out of it. Tap on a “microphone” idol during a tip of a interface and a recording will start. Record whatever we like and afterwards daub on a “Stop” symbol when we are done. The recording will automatically bucket in Ringdroid editor where we can revise and emanate a ringtone.

record new ringtonerecord new ringtone

To sum up

I found Ringdroid to be unequivocally fast and elementary to emanate tradition ringtones on Android. Being open-source and not upheld by ads is a and indicate as well. Although if we wish even some-more control, such as a ability to adjust volume or blur in/out time, afterwards Ringtone Maker is a unequivocally good choice as well.

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