How to control Windows with usually a keyboard

No need to worry if we have mislaid entrance to your PC mouse, you can still control your PC customarily with a keyboard. Your PC keyboard offers all a keys and shortcuts to perform roughly all of a Windows functions. You can even learn these accessible keyboard shortcuts to boost productivity.

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200 Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) to Boost Your Productivity

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In this post, we will tell we all we need to know about controlling your Windows PC when we have customarily a keyboard during your disposal. Of course, it requires memorizing a duty of some keys or shortcuts, though in a time of need, it’s value it. Let’s take a demeanour during a following shortcuts and their functionalities.

Important keyboard keys to control Windows:

  • Arrow Keys: These keys concede we to move up, down, left and right on a page or a menu (where it is possible).
  • arrow keysarrow keys
  • Enter: To execute any authority or endorse a dialog, we need to press a Enter key.
  • enter keyenter key
  • Spacebar: Usually used for scrolling, though when we are regulating customarily a keyboard, we can use it to enable/disable conflicting options in a check box via Control Panel or System Properties. The Enter pivotal will not change options inside a dialog.
  • spacebarspacebar
  • Tab: Simply allows we to pierce to a subsequent item, calm margin or couple on a page. The Tab pivotal highlights anything clickable on a page for your interaction.
  • tabtab
  • Shift: Allows we to use a conflicting or conflicting chronicle of a pivotal or function to change a behaviour. For example, press Shift + Tab, and a Tab pivotal will pierce we retrograde on a page instead of forward.
  • shiftshift
  • Ctrl: This is used in and with other keys to fast perform conflicting actions. Here is a list of shortcuts we can use with a Ctrl button.
  • control keycontrol key
  • Windows Key: The Key with a Windows trademark on it is called a Windows key. It can be used to start menu and combinable with other keys to perform conflicting actions. The Windows key, however, might not be means to control functions of third-party apps. Here is a list of shortcuts we can perform regulating a Windows key.
  • windows keywindows key
  • Menu Key: Located between Spacebar and a Ctrl pivotal on a right side of a keyboard, the Menu pivotal allows we to navigate by arrow keys. Its duty is similar though not an choice to a right-click as it customarily opens menu for highlighted item. If we don’t find this symbol on your keyboard, afterwards we can press Shift + F10 for choice shortcut.
  • menu keymenu key
  • Page Up/Page Down: These buttons will move we to a singular page adult or down on a shade for discerning scrolling. A page is customarily a distance of a calm we are now saying on your screen.
  • page adult page downpage adult page down

Reaching a Desktop

By pressing Windows Key + D will take we to a desktop from anywhere. Whether we wish to name an handling system, cancel hoop check or enter your Windows password, all can be facilely finished with Arrow keys and a Enter button.

Interacting with a Desktop items

You can't navigate between desktop equipment with a Arrow keys, and so we need to bring concentration to a desktop equipment in sequence to pierce between them. Since we don’t have entrance to a rodent we will have to review to an alternative.

Pressing a Tab pivotal on a desktop will start switching a concentration between desktop and equipment on a taskbar. Press a Tab pivotal mixed times to pierce a concentration to a desktop.

When an object on a desktop is highlighted, use Arrow keys to pierce between a items and press a Enter pivotal to launch/open an item.

open launch itemsopen launch items

Interacting with a Start Menu items

You can press a Windows key to activate a Start menu. In a Start menu, we can use a up/ down arrow keys to pierce between equipment and press the right arrow key to pierce to a territory on a right side of a Start menu (tiles in Windows 10), or use a burst list if available.

You can also use a Tab key to pierce to a any territory of a Start menu.

tab pivotal relocating by start menutab pivotal relocating by start menu

The same instructions request to Windows 8 users, though they will be changed to a “Start screen” instead of a Start menu.

Interacting with a Taskbar

As mentioned above, we can press a Tab pivotal on a desktop to pierce between taskbar equipment and press a enter pivotal to open one. In box we have pinned equipment on a taskbar, press Windows key + corresponding number to fast open that program.

For example, if your browser is pinned during 3rd series in a taskbar, afterwards we can press Windows key + 3 to open your browser immediately. Same by-pass will be used when we need to minimize or maximize an already non-stop program.

Using a File Explorer

You can press Windows key + E to open a File Explorer (My Computer), or navigate to it from a desktop or a start menu.

Inside a File Explorer, we can use arrow keys, Tab pivotal and a Enter key to navigate and entrance files/folders. You can press and reason a Alt key and use a left and right arrows to pierce back or brazen between folders.

If we wish to name multiple items, afterwards press and reason a Shift key and use the arrow keys to start selecting mixed items. Once selected, we can press a Menu key (or Shift + F10 ) to open menu for a comparison equipment (simply put, right-click on them).

Use your Browser with Keyboard shortcuts

Most of a keys and shortcuts mentioned in this beam duty in a same approach for third-party applications. While it’s formidable to prominence all third celebration applications, we are covering a most utilized applications, that is a web browser.

Once a browser launches, your cursor will be inside a hunt bar. Enter your query and strike Enter to hunt for it. The hunt formula can be navigated regulating a arrow keys.

If we wish to entrance any symbol and couple on a page, afterwards Tab key, Arrow keys, Spacebar and Page Up/ Page Down keys will assistance we corkscrew by a page. The Tab pivotal will assistance prominence clickable buttons. You can press Ctrl + T to fast open a new tab or press Ctrl + W to tighten a tab.

These instructions should be adequate to do a simple hunt on a web. You will have to check shortcuts beam for your browser in sequence to learn shortcuts for specific facilities such as entrance history, bookmarks or a settings.

Use a Mouse with a Keyboard

Windows allows we to control your rodent with a keyboard buttons. Of course, it is not even scarcely as discerning as regulating an tangible mouse, though when we are stuck; it can be astonishingly helpful.

To enable rodent control with keyboard, press Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock keys and afterwards press Enter to endorse a dialog that appears. You contingency use the Left Alt and Left Shift keys differently this will not work.

mouse keysmouse keys

Once enabled, we can use the keys on a numpad to pierce a rodent around and click on items, identical to how a rodent works. Numpad keys 8, 4, 2 and 6 are used for moving around and we can press a numpad key 5 to govern left-click.

To right-click we contingency initial change duty of numpad pivotal 5 to right-click by dire the (minus) symbol and afterwards use it to govern right-click.

Here is a list of all a keys we can use to control your rodent with a keyboard. Some smaller laptops don’t have numpad keys or a touchpad is not compatible, so it can’t be applied.

Important Keyboard shortcuts to remember

Remembering critical keyboard shortcuts will assistance a lot in determining Windows and a functions in a snap. Below is a list of Windows keyboard shortcuts that will assistance we immensely :

  • F2 : Rename a file
  • Delete Key : To undo an item
  • Shift + Delete : Permanently undo an item
  • Ctrl + Shift + N : Create new folder
  • Ctrl + A : Select all on a page
  • Ctrl + C : To Copy
  • Ctrl + X : To Cut
  • Ctrl + V : To Paste
  • Window Key + S : Open Windows hunt field
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc : Open Task Manager
  • Alt + F4 : Close now non-stop program/window
  • Windows Key + Tab : To preview and pierce between non-stop windows

The above are customarily few of a simple Windows shortcuts that will make it easier to navigate and perform common tasks. we will also suggest we to go by a ultimate list of over 200 Windows keyboard shortcuts. It might turn even some-more easy for we to use Windows with a keyboar as compared to a mouse.


The above instructions should be some-more than adequate to navigate Windows and work with files and folders. However at this indicate it is unfit to reinstate rodent with keyboard as a rodent is still really applicable in many situations and imperative for regulating many apps and games.

we privately cite to skip a step to strech for my mouse, and honing keyboard shortcuts has helped me immensely. We demeanour brazen to your criticism on rodent to keyboard experience.

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