How to Configure Your DNS for Faster Internet Speed

Recently, we switched my ISP and suddenly beheld slower browsing and server tie failures even yet my internet speed was fine. we figured out that it had to do something with my DNS server, so we switched to a improved DNS server formed on my location. To my surprise, we not usually managed to fix delayed browsing though indeed gained 40% some-more speed than usual.

Your default DNS server directly affects how quick you’ll be means to bond to a website. So selecting a fastest server according to your plcae will assistance speed adult browsing. In this post, I’ll uncover we how to find a best DNS server for your plcae and request it to your router or your PC.

DNS, in a nutshell

First, let’s learn what is DNS so we know what we are traffic with. When we need to entrance a website, we enter a name in a residence bar to open it up. However, your browser can usually bond to a website regulating a IP address, not a alphabetical residence that we routinely use.

This is where a DNS server comes into play by anticipating a IP residence of a alphabetical URL we have entered and afterwards directing a browser to a right website.

It is fundamentally a phone book of website IP addresses and alphabetic names that work as a pull to assistance your browser bond to a right website. There are thousands of DNS servers accessible worldwide, and connecting to a closest and many arguable one will assistance speed adult your browsing.

A good server should be means to fast find a right IP address, and it should be nearby adequate to your plcae to fast send it your way.

By default, your ISP will bond to their possess DNS server or any other DNS server of their choosing. So it is correct to look for a best server for your plcae and manually configure it. Don’t worry, a routine isn’t that formidable and anyone can do it.

Search for a best DNS server

To find a best server we will need assistance from a third-party tool. For this purpose, namebench and DNSBench are dual renouned tools. Although, we suggest regulating DNSBench as it is easier to use and doesn’t need any primer intervention. For demonstration, I’ll be regulating DNSBench:

  1. Download DNSBench and run a tool.
  2. Move to a “Nameservers” territory and click on a “Run Benchmark” button.

The apparatus will take few mins to hunt for a best servers formed on a endorsed list of 72 servers.

However, this tradition list is inequitable towards US residents, if we are vital outside of USA afterwards we should do a worldwide DNS server search. If we are a US resident, afterwards hang with a initial 2 DNS addresses endorsed after a indicate and request them as we tell we after in this article.

run benchmarkrun benchmark

To do a worldwide DNS server search, DNSBench will automatically ask we about a benchmark to emanate a “Custom list” of 50 best servers comparison from 4849 servers accessible worldwide. Click on a “Build Custom List” symbol and a routine will start.

The process will take approximately 37 minutes to complete, though it is usually indispensable to be finished once for your stream plcae and ISP.

build tradition listbuild tradition list

After a process, we will see tip 50 DNS servers for your stream location with their residence mentioned in a left column. You can simply name a tip 2 DNS servers as a formula are listed according to a fastest ones on top.

However, we should also pierce to a Tabular Data territory to make certain that a initial dual servers are 100% arguable underneath a “Reliab%” section. Apart from speed, a fast tie is also important. If a server is not 100% reliable, afterwards we might pierce to a subsequent best server in a list.

find realiable dns serverfind realiable dns server

Apply a best DNS servers

Now that we have dual best DNS server addresses in your hand, let’s see how we can use them. You have dual options here, possibly we can configure a DNS during router turn or configure it per device.

If we wish each connected device to use a same DNS server, afterwards we might configure it during router level. Although, if we usually wish a singular device to use a new DNS servers, afterwards it can be simply finished on both your PC and smartphone.

Configure router DNS

First, we will have to access a router settings regulating a router IP residence that looks something like ““. In box we don’t know your router’s IP address, afterwards we simply hunt for it right inside your Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux PC. Enter this residence in your browser residence bar and strike enter.

You’ll be asked to provide a username and a password. Usually, this is created during a behind of your router, if not, afterwards go to Router Passwords website and hunt for your router’s manufacturer. They should be means to yield a username and password.

Once inside a router settings, we need to demeanour for DNS settings. Usually it is listed underneath a Advanced options. When found, we should see dual fields seeking we to enter primary and delegate DNS servers. Here enter a tip DNS server residence in a primary field, and a second best server in a delegate field. Now save a changes and it will be applied.

change dns in routerchange dns in router

Good to know: It’s good to enter dual DNS servers to make certain we always have a DNS lookup use in box a initial DNS server faces any problem. Although we can also usually enter one DNS server if we like, though it’s not recommended.

Change DNS server per device

For proof purpose, we am going to use a Windows PC. However, we can simply configure a DNS settings in Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS by following a links we provided.

  1. In Windows, press Windows + R keys and form ncpa.cpl in a Run dialog to open network connections. Here right-click on your stream tie and name Properties from a menu.
  2. network propertiesnetwork properties
  3. Next, name “Internet Protocol Version 4” from a list and afterwards click on a Properties symbol below.
  4. ip4 propertiesip4 properties
  5. In Properties, name “Use a following DNS server addresses:” and enter a primary and delegate DNS addresses. Afterward, click on OK to endorse a changes.
  6. change dns in windowschange dns in windows

Now your PC will always use a supposing DNS servers to lookup websites.

Ending thoughts

I trust everybody should go by a routine of anticipating and requesting a best DNS server. Even if we don’t face delayed browsing, we might still be means to speed it adult serve if we use a right DNS server.

Besides, some DNS servers also offer some-more features. Such as OpenDNS that offers parental controls and insurance from phishing and botnet attacks.

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