How to Change Wallpapers Automatically in Windows 10

Automatically switching wallpapers is substantially a best way to keep your desktop uninformed and full of surprises. we privately have a good collection of pleasing wallpapers and like them to keep switching on my screen.

So, possibly we are a desktop wallpaper left-wing or usually wish to attract adult your computer’s screen, like me, we can uncover we 3 ways to automatically change wallpapers in Windows 10. Let’s have a look.

#1: Windows 10 Native

Windows has a built-in slideshow feature that can automatically change your wallpaper after a set interval. This underline only works with your possess collection of wallpapers so a wallpapers contingency be downloaded first.

Below is a step-by-step reason on how to use this feature:

  1. Windows 10 usually accepts a singular folder containing wallpaper collection. So first, put all your favorite wallpapers in a singular folder.
  2. Now pierce to Windows Settings Personalize Background. Here click on a drop-down menu subsequent Background and name Slideshow.
  3. select slideshowselect slideshow
  4. Afterward, click on a Browse button subsequent and name a wallpaper collection folder we created.
  5. click browserclick browser
  6. To set a interval, click on a drop-down menu subsequent a Change design every streamer and name a compulsory interlude (ranging from 1 notation to 1 day).
  7. set intervalset interval

That’s it, now your desktop shade will automatically switch to a new wallpaper after a set interval.

#2: Third-party apps

You can also use a dedicated third-party app that can both download and change your wallpaper automatically. Below we have listed twin of a best collection for this purpose that are also free:

John’s Background Switcher (JBS)

JBS is my initial choice for its no-nonsense interface and working. To get we started, it has some default sets that don’t need any setup. You usually name a set, and hypnotizing wallpapers start appearing.

If we wish to create your possess sources for downloading wallpapers, afterwards we can get wallpapers from Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug Photos, Vladstudio, Pixabay, and a few others.

You can also include your possess wallpaper collection, along with these resources.

jbs wallpaper sourcesjbs wallpaper sources

There is also an choice to supplement any media RSS, fundamentally permitting we to get wallpapers from any picture websites, such as DeviantArt or Behance. Interestingly, each apparatus has serve options to get a compulsory wallpapers, that we contingency contend are very customizable.

For example, from Flickr, we can get images formed on time period, tag, keyword, person, group, and even your possess Flickr photos.

I also unequivocally like a picture mode choice that gives we full control over how we wish a wallpaper to be applied. You can stand and fit, stretch, scale, and even get collages and montages regulating mixed images. For changing wallpapers, we can name a interlude from 10 seconds to 7 days.

And best of all, it has support for twin monitors with dedicated options to attract your twin guard setup.

wallpaper switching optionswallpaper switching options
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports arguable sources along with RSS support.
  • Dual guard support.
  • Default preset to get we started.
  • Simple, though singular in features.


When it comes to facilities and customizability, BioniX is decades forward of JBS. However, in my experience, it’s a bit formidable to use and will work substantially best in a hands of an modernized user.

The interface is a bit clunky and overwhelming, to a indicate we competence usually contend “it’s not user-friendly”. we indeed had to spend a few hours usually to know a apparatus and start adding wallpaper sources.

If we can understanding with a interface, afterwards it’s the many strong apparatus for conduct desktop wallpapers. For wallpaper sources, we can possibly use Flickr Mass Downloader to download wallpapers from Flickr, or manually enter URLs of web pages from where we wish to download images.

This proceed does offer some-more control over what accurately we want, though it’s also a unwieldy task.

bionix wallpaper optionsbionix wallpaper options

To list a few of a singular features, we can supplement effects to all wallpapers, get day/night wallpapers formed on time, get energetic webcam wallpapers, dedicated shortcuts, involuntary categorization, filter to reject bad wallpapers (low resolution), and most more.

bionix wallpaper stylesbionix wallpaper styles
  • Astonishingly customizable.
  • Can supplement images from any website on a web.
  • Day/night to uncover light or dim wallpapers during a particular time.
  • Automatically rejects bad wallpapers.
  • Get images from open webcams.
  • The interface is a bit formidable to use.
  • Adding wallpapers sources requires some-more primer intervention.

For both a above tools, dedicated postponement and play buttons are available to start and postponement wallpaper switching. Once we supplement a compulsory resources, use these buttons to control a wallpapers.

#3: Using Bing

Bing is famous for a Daily Background Image that replaces a homepage with a new wallpaper each day. Many people usually revisit Bing to see a daily wallpaper, and we am certain you’ll determine that they are amazing.

If we find Bing credentials images beautiful, afterwards you can get them on your PC as well. Using a Bing desktop app, we can change your wallpaper with latest Bing Daily Background Image as shortly as it is updated.

Download a Bing desktop app and implement it. At a finish of a installation, check a check box subsequent to Make a Bing homepage picture your desktop background. You might check or uncheck other supposing options as we please. That’s it, after a few seconds your desktop wallpaper will be altered with Bing’s Daily Background Image.

changing wallpapers with bingchanging wallpapers with bing

You will also notice a transparent bar during a top-right corner of a desktop. From here we can get some-more information about a picture or click a Change desktop wallpaper symbol to switch wallpaper to a pointless one from Bing picture archive.

bing wallpapersbing wallpapers

To sum it up

These 3 methods should be adequate to keep your desktop fresh. we should discuss that frequently changing wallpapers will affect a battery timing of your laptop. If we have a low battery, afterwards it’s improved to invalidate involuntary wallpaper changing or slow it down during least.

Furthermore, if we are regulating a ‘download and apply’ wallpapers service, afterwards your network information will be used and it might even delayed down other network activities while downloading images.

Don’t forget to let me know that process did we find a best, in a comments territory below.

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