How to Change & Replace Facebook Page URL

When we pointer adult for a Facebook comment for a initial time, a use will allot we a numerical ID for your homepage. Needless to say, pity your Facebook page with others regulating pronounced numerical ID isn’t accurately what anyone would cruise convenient, so because not replace it with a tradition URL instead?

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Before we start meditative of a URL we would use for your Facebook page, we competence wish to demeanour during a discipline subsequent before to make certain that your URL would be accepted:

  • You can select only one URL for your Facebook Page or Profile.
  • The URL shouldn’t already been claimed.
  • URLs can usually contain alphanumeric characters or a period, be during slightest 5 characters long and do not enclose ubiquitous terms or extensions such as .com or .net.
  • Periods and capitalizations do not count as partial of a URL. This means that johnsmith55 and john.smith.55 are deliberate a same.
  • If you’re looking to change a URL of a business’ Facebook Page, you’ll need to be a admin of that page.

Creating your Facebook page URL

Now that we know a stipulations of a system, here’s how we can change a URL of your Facebook Profile.

  1. Go to Settings menu on Facebook
  2. facebook ubiquitous comment settingsfacebook ubiquitous comment settings
  3. On General Account Settings page, click on a “Edit” symbol found subsequent to a “Username” choice
  4. Input your elite username into a supposing field. If a check symbol with a outline “username is available” appears, click on a “Save Changes” symbol to endorse a change.
  5. enter usernameenter username
  6. Facebook will prompt we for your password. Once you’ve entered it, your form will be updated with a new URL.
re-enter passwordre-enter password

Replacing stream Facebook Page URL

In a eventuality that you’re unfortunate with your stream tradition URL, or maybe we consider it’s time for a change, all we have to do is entrance a General Account Settings page and revise a “Username” choice once again.

replace stream facebook urlreplace stream facebook url

While there are no limits as to how many times you’re authorised to change your URL, do keep in mind that each time we refurbish your form or page’s URL, it would means any old links to be invalid.

If someone were to try and entrance your comparison links, they would be greeted with a “Page Not Found” error. As such, it is rarely imprudent to change a URL frequently, lest it invites confusion.

facebook blunder page not foundfacebook blunder page not found

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