How to Change macOS Screenshot File Format

By default, all a screenshots that we take on a macOS are saved on your desktop in a .PNG picture record format. If for any reason, we wish to change this record format from .PNG to any other, we can easlity do that.

macOS allows we to change a default screenshot from .PNG to a following formats: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and PDF.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Launch Terminal

Press Command + Space afterwards form in “Terminal” and strike Enter to launch a Terminal app.

launch terminallaunch terminal

2. Changing a default format

Enter a following authority to change a default screenshot record format, replacing .PNG with .JPG.

defaults write form jpg;killall SystemUIServer
changing default formatchanging default format

The killall SystemUIServer partial of a authority fundamentally refreshes a complement so a authority is taken into effect.

Other record formats

If we would like to change a default .PNG format to other record formats, simply reinstate jpg after type with gif, tiff or pdf. Or we can also use a commands below.

defaults write form gif;killall SystemUIServer
defaults write form pdf;killall SystemUIServer
defaults write form tiff;killall SystemUIServer

Revert behind to PNG

And of course, if we would like to return it behind to .PNG picture format, use a following command:

defaults write form png;killall SystemUIServer


That’s it! Now go and take screenshots and save it in your elite format.

screenshot in several formatsscreenshot in several formats

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