How to be a Gmail Power User [Infographic]

The Internet has been perplexing to kill email for perpetually and so far, it’s not doing a good job. Why else would there be so many guides and articles out there training we how to grasp Zero Inbox or how to be a Gmail energy user?

This infographic adds to a raise with copiousness of doable tips that can assistance we work faster (use a keyboard shortcuts), more productively (canned responses, auto-archives), and be more organized (use filters, folders and labels) on Gmail.

My favorite of a lot has got to be a Undo Send underline that has saved me too many times than I’d like to admit. It’s also engaging to know that we can set a termination duration for adult to 30 seconds after we strike Send. Check out a infographic for some-more tips and hidden Gmail secrets a energy user should know.

power gmail user infographic

(H/T: NeoMam Studios)

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