How to Add Two-factor Authentication to cPanel and WHM

Adding an extra covering of protection to your website is always a good idea. It creates it harder for hackers to dig by your backend and benefit entrance to things we don’t wish them to. In this post, I’m going to uncover we how to supplement two-factor authentication (2FA) to your web hosting’s control row – cPanel.

Before we get started, here are a integrate of things we will be needing:

  • Access to your web hosting’s cPanel and WHM.
  • Smartphone with a time-based one-time cue (TOTP) app installed.

Once we have both these things, we can start a routine by following a stairs below.

1. Log in to WHM.

whm screenwhm screen

2. Look for a “Security Center”.

whm confidence centerwhm confidence center

3. Under Security Center, demeanour for “Two-Factor Authentication”.

whm dual cause authenticationwhm dual cause authentication

4. Toggle on Two-Factor Authentication by clicking on a off button. Once this is done, a red dot will spin green. Now click Save.

turn 2fa ownturn 2fa own

5. Go to “Manage My Account” add-on and indicate a QR formula given there with your TOTP app on your smartphone.

manage my comment step 1manage my comment step 1

6. Enter a 6-digit confidence formula from your TOTP app behind to “Security Code” underneath Step 2. Next, click “Configure Two-Factor Authentication”

manage my comment step 2manage my comment step 2

Two-factor authentication is now set up. Let’s keep this browser window open. In box anything goes south, we can simply invalidate a two-factor authentication right away.

Test 2FA

Now let’s exam if it’s operative properly.

1. Open a new browser and go to your website’s cPanel URL. The URL should be possibly, or Now record in with your credentials.


2. You should be stirred to enter a confidence code. Get a 6-digit confidence formula from your smartphone’s TOTP app, enter and click “Continue”

cpanel confidence codecpanel confidence code

If you’re means to login to your cPanel page, that means it worked!

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