How Much iPhone 8 and iPhone X Could Potentially Cost in Malaysia

Apple’s launch of a iPhone 8 array and a all new iPhone X has, unsurprisingly, lead many to prepared adult their credit cards for a pre-order. For those of us in Malaysia, it is rarely unlikely to be partial of a initial collection of countries that would accept shipments of Apple’s latest iPhones.

Seeing as a iPhone 8 array and a iPhone X has nonetheless to have a plain launch date in Malaysia, a internal prices of a new iPhones also sojourn to be announced. However, deliberation that Apple did exhibit a starting cost of a new iPhones in US Dollars, and regulating a pricing story of a comparison iPhone models, it is probable to speculate how many a new iPhones would cost in Malaysia.

Without serve ado, let us begin.

iPhone 8 (From 699 USD)

Let’s start this essay by looking during a many affordable iPhone that was announced progressing today: a iPhone 8.

With a launch cost of 699 USD, a iPhone 8 has a starting cost that is somewhat aloft than a iPhone 7’s i.e. 649 USD. The boost in launch cost of a iPhone 8 can especially be attributed to a bottom indication iPhone 8’s higher storage ability of 64 GB.

iphone 8 cost malaysiaiphone 8 cost malaysia
Source: Apple

In Malaysia, a iPhone 7 was launched during RM 3,199 for a 32 GB version. Looking during a stream sell rate for a US Dollar to a Malaysian Ringgit, and going by a cost indicate that a iPhone 7 was launched at, we speculate that a 64 GB iPhone 8 will have a launch cost of RM 3,499.

As for a 256 GB iPhone 8, a phone’s launch cost now sits during 849 USD, that is accurately a same cost indicate that a 256 GB iPhone 7 had when it was initial launched. Seeing as there are no cost differences between a 256 GB indication of a iPhone 7 and a iPhone 8, we entirely design a 256 GB iPhone 8 to have a same launch cost as a 256 GB iPhone 7, that is RM 4,199.

iPhone 8 Plus (From 799 USD)

Moving on, we come to a iPhone 8 Plus. Much like a iPhone 8, a iPhone 8 Plus comes with a launch cost that is somewhat higher than a predecessor. Where a iPhone 7 Plus had a starting launch cost of 769 USD, a iPhone 8 Plus starts during 799 USD.

In Malaysia, a 32 GB iPhone 7 Plus had a launch cost of RM 3,799. Thanks to a increasing ability of a bottom indication iPhone 8 Plus, we entirely expect a 64 GB indication to be labelled around a RM 3,999 region.

Interestingly enough, it appears that a 256 GB pattern of a iPhone 8 Plus appears to be cheaper than a 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus during launch. Where a 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus was launched with a 969 USD cost tag, a 256 GB iPhone 8 Plus costs 949 USD, that is a 20 USD decrease.

Thanks to a reduce cost point, we entirely design a 256 GB iPhone 8 Plus to have a reduce cost tab during launch than a 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus during a launch. As a 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus costs RM 4,799 during launch, we expect a 256 GB iPhone 8 Plus to have a RM 4,699 cost tag.

iPhone X (From 999 USD)

Finally, we come to a iPhone X. Seeing as a phone is a new entrance in a iPhone line, we am incompetent to make any estimates formed on a pricing story of a phone. That said, it is probable to guess a cost based on a cost points of a other iPhones.

iphone x cost malaysiaiphone x cost malaysia
Source: Apple

With a starting cost of 999 USD for a 64 GB iPhone X, we entirely expect a phone to have a launch cost of RM 4,999. It is also probable that a iPhone X would indeed mangle a RM 5,000 symbol by being labelled during RM 5,099, though we privately feel that RM 4,999 is a improved estimate.

As for a 256 GB iPhone X, that sold phone will, but a shade of a doubt, breach a RM 5,000 mark. Priced during 1,149 USD, my expectations about a 256 GB iPhone X is to have a RM5,399 starting price.

Again, we would like to remind everybody reading this that a prices mentioned above are purely speculated. It is probable that Apple’s central prices might be aloft or reduce than what I’ve speculated above depending on factors such as banking exchange.

While it is rarely doubtful that a prices above would be a central pricing of a new iPhones in Malaysia, we trust that a speculated prices would be within a operation of a tangible pricing. Here’s a full table.

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