Google Trips & 9 Alternative Travel Apps for Avid Travelers

Google expelled Google Trips, an app that wants we to “see more, devise less”. The app aims to do this by creation a formulation partial a lot some-more convenient, reduction stressful and hassle-free. If it sounds too good to be true, you’re right. The good news is, we’re removing there, solemnly yet certainly with travel planner apps.

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For those unknown with transport planner apps, we can now simply emanate your itinerary, book tours, flights, accomodation and automobile rentals etc. right from your laptop or mobile app. In this list, we have 9 other transport apps detached from Google Trips, any with their possess specialty that will substantially infer useful for opposite groups of travelers.

You will find apps that let we demeanour adult budget hostels or devise multi-city stops easily, online communities that share and feature transport itineraries in outlandish locations, and even transport apps that can work offline, like Google Trip. Let’s check them out.

Google Trips

Google Trips is a new app that helps we devise an arriving trip. It pools information from airline sheet acknowledgment emails (flight number, transport dates and destinations) as good as hotel reservations that are sent to your Gmail. That said, this is already accessible to we if we use Inbox (check a Trips bundle).

Based on where we are going, Google Trips offers we relevant transport guides we can download and use offline. The info in a downloaded gold includes a hit info, ratings and reviews of places to revisit (if we have saved places from Maps, it is enclosed too).

google tripsgoogle trips

Nevertheless if you’re looking for directions, this will need location services and an active Internet connection. As we can tell, a lot of the transport info Google Trips falls behind on are done accessible from other Google services like Google Maps, yet as a transport planner app, it substantially has to do a lot some-more to keep adult with a rest of a planner apps here.

Download: Android | iOS


If we are an dauntless form yet not unequivocally a good planner, how about looking during other trips designed by associate travelers for inspiration? Triphobo lets we demeanour during other globetrotters’ itineraries or find belligerent tours in over 15,000 cities in a databse. You can work on tip of a finish itinerary and customize them to fit your transport character and needs, rather than start from scratch.


On tip of that, one of a best things about Triphobo is a smart planner. It is a apparatus where we can make transport arrangements by mixed cities, all on a same page.

Choose a cities we wish to stopover, dates of travel, how we wish to transport from city to city, book your flights, airline, depart time or buy train tickets all inside a app. Along a approach we can also check a ratings of hotels and other accommodations, as good as find things to do, and make applicable bookings true from a app itself.

Get a app: Android | iOS


This one is for travelers who have specific needs and would like to get answers to their blazing questions before creation a booking. Gogobot is a community-powered examination site that tackles restaurants, hotels and attractions in vital cities.


Its newness lies in a Gogobot Tribes that refers to something like a transport type. There are tribes called backpackers, story buffs, nightlife lovers, spirital seekers and even vegetarian. When we join a clan we can entrance a group’s knowledge by seeking them for recommendations, advice, tips and city secrets to make a many out of your trip.


The site also has a full operation of hotel deals to select from in vital cities. You can hunt by a hotel category type, date of transport or price. These hotels also lift reviews and ratings by Gogobot members.

Get a app: Android | iOS


If you’re not certain about a Internet entrance of your destination, here is an app we can work offline. You usually need to download a transport guide for a end we wish first, afterwards we can work a app like an offline map.

It sifts by open calm sources like Wikipedia Flickr, TouristEye and World66 for information and reviews afterwards comes adult with personalized transport guides for users.

The Android app also has a currency converter, continue forecast (requires connection), phrasebooks for your communication needs and info about internal festivals, enlightenment and food offerings. While we can book hotels true from Triposo, a hunt is powered outwardly by

Get a app: Android | iOS


TripIt is radically an channel maker. It does nothing of a bookings for you. What it does is assistance we consolidate all your hotel, flights, tours, rentals and other identical transport arrangements into one place. Using a mobile app we can have entrance to each fact of your bookings in a same spot, no some-more rummaging by paperwork or emails and such.


TripIt has dual versions: one free, a other Pro ($49 a year). Both let we create, edit, store and share transport plans, as good as sync to your favorite online calendar. However, usually a pro chronicle give we more flight-related features such as real-time moody status, improved chair notifications, prerogative points tracking, and VIP transport advantages from their transport partners.

Get a app: Android | iOS

In box this doesn’t work, try: TripCase


Travefy Personal is a web app that lets travelers devise itineraries and trips together with their friends. The app has 4 simple functions, Itinerary, Invites, Discover and Expenses. With a app, we can organize trips together with we friend (invite them first), and pull adult recommendations true from inside a app.

Best of all a app has a good expense government tool to assistance we and your travelling organisation keep to your transport budget.


While a formulation theatre is singular to a web app, Travefy has an Itinerary Viewer app that is accessible for iOS and Android. On this app, travelers can crop by a sum of a channel even yet there is no Internet connection.

Trip Planner Sygic

Trip Planner Sygic makes formulation trips easier by swelling it all opposite a map. For those who didn’t unequivocally like a Geography theme in school, this can be useful for formulation longer backpacking trips where we go where a breeze takes you.

Sort destinations by what we wish to do (e.g. hiking, snorkeling, shopping), join opposite forms of sightseeing, walking, bike or train tours — there are fast-track tours accessible where we can skip a reserve — or book hotels all right from a app.

The app works offline and if we have mixed inclination with you, it also syncs all your formulation by all commissioned devices.

Get a app: Android | iOS


WorldMate is an channel government apparatus for professionals. All confirmations done around email can be imported into a app to emanate a finish itinerary. The app also ensures that travelers receive real-time moody standing reports and delay alerts, or even book choice flights, in box of a cancelled flight.

The iPhone app in sold lets we hunt and book hotels, filtered by ratings, plcae and price. Users can also set alerts to find special hotel prices and a app itself can automatically find improved deals from hotels around a same area.

world mateworld mate

It also has good support for last-minute moody booking, generally if a moody we are ostensible to be on has been behind or cancelled. Make choice bookings now on a app. The app is integrated with LinkedIn and will let we know if a LinkedIn Connection is nearby, and if your travels take we opposite timezones, a app’s, tip calculator, cost and time converters can be of good help.

Get a app: Android | iOS | Windows Phone


Roadtrippers is a fun app for those who prefer roadtrips to flights or other means of travel. The usually locate is this only works in a US, yet for a good reason. If we conduct on over to a Roadtrippers website we will be treated with copiousness of overwhelming outing guides we can follow.

We’re looking during 48-hour guides, National Park visits, trips down a interstate, Offbeat Routes, Scenic Drives, outside escapes, film filming locations and for a brave, Ghost Guides that take we to condemned places!


Plan your roadtrip on a web app or mobile app afterwards share them with a rest of a group. The app also comes with time determination from Point A to Point B yet requires a GPS incited on to work, that might zap your battery juice.

Get a app: Android | iOS

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet has been a tack name in a travel-the-world group. Its app gives we city guides in mixed countries with listings for sightseeing, shopping, internal informative events, activities and more. There are tours catering to tiny groups, inlet and wildlife, story and culture, and more.

Lonely PlanetLonely Planet

From a site itself, travelers can book flights, hotels, airfield transfers, automobile let and even buy insurance. Lonely Planet is also home to many articles created by zealous travelers sharing their newfound appreciation for a new destination. Articles like this will enthuse we to take out your pass and book a subsequent moody out of there.

Get a app: Android | iOS

Bonus: 10 More Apps for Travelers
  • Hopper – A prophecy app that analyzes airfare and notifies we when a moody transport is during a lowest (and value buying). High correctness rate reported by users.
  • Zyppos – A place where we can ask transport experts for hacks to grasp your transport goals within your budget. Great for vast groups or for formidable trips.
  • GateGuru – Info on airfield amenities, services, continue forecasts, maps, airfield tips and more.
  • Localeur – Get authentic reviews from a locals (who else knows a city best?) on a best places to wine, dine, emporium and check out.
  • LoungeBuddy – Stuck in a prolonged layover? Sometimes it is value investing in airfield lounges. This is a app for we to suffer your wait time. Travel no longer has to be a pain.
  • HostelWorld – Find hostel reviews, photos, pricing, engagement accessibility from over 33000 properties in over 170 contries.
  • Voyager: Route Planner – Driving or relocating around an unknown city doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. Use this to devise optimal driving, walking or cycling routes in an unknown city
  • Trivago – The largest hotel hunt website to get best rates, final notation discounts and money-saving deals.
  • Kayakflights – Search for good bargains on moody fare.
  • Skyscanner – Get deals and alerts for a best prices for automobile rentals, hotel rates and moody fare.

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