Google Rolls Out Major AMP Integration Updates

Back in 2015, Google attempted to tackle a speed problem that many websites have when being noticed by on mobile device. To do so, Google grown a Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) platform, an open source “initiative” that lets publishers offer a chronicle of their site that is nude purify of third-party scripts and extensions, giving mobile device users a quicker experience.

While a doing of AMP is a good boon to mobile device users, a approach a height was implemented has lead to some misunderstandings about a platform.

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One of a some-more common misunderstandings that came with a height is that Google had stolen trade from publishers around AMP. This disagreement stems from a fact that whenever an AMP page is loaded, a residence bar would show a Google AMP Viewer URL instead of a URL of a essay itself.

Misunderstandings aside, there are some legitimate concerns with a approach a AMP’s URL complement works. Because a AMP complement uses 3 apart URLs – one from a publisher itself, one from a AMP cache, and one from a Google AMP Viewer – users who wish to share a couple to a sold essay might get confused over AMP’s URL system.

three apart urlsthree apart urls

Seeing as a AMP URL complement can get rather treacherous during times, Google has begun making changes to a complement that would make it easier for users to share articles. The initial change that has been done is a addition of an anchor symbol found in a AMP Viewer header.

Available now on a iOS chronicle of a Google app and entrance shortly to Android, users will be means to precedence their browser’s native share functionality by long-tapping on a button.

leverage browser local share functionleverage browser local share function

Google is also operative on leveraging arriving web height APIs such as a Web Share API to urge on a AMP platform. Once a API is ready, AMP viewers will be means to invoke a platform’s local pity flow with a publisher’s URL instead of a AMP viewer’s.

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