Google Photos: 4 Smart New Features You Didn’t Think You’d Need

If Google Photos has always been your favorite backup cloud storage (unlimited storage is tough to contend no to), we competence like it some-more than ever. Google is introducing a few intelligent facilities to a print storage tools, all parked underneath a Assistant tab.

9 Google Photos Features You Need to Know

9 Google Photos Features You Need to Know

Google Photos was substantially one of a many vehemence of a many announcements in Google I/O 2015. Google…Read more

1. Rediscover your memories

Notice how Facebook spasmodic reminds we of photos that you’ve taken years ago on your News Feed? This is Google’s take on a same concept.

Google has enclosed a underline on Google Photos that will highlight photos that were taken a prolonged time ago, permitting we to relive your past but wanting to corkscrew by your whole print library.

rediscover your memoriesrediscover your memories

2. Recent highlights

Whereas “Rediscover your memories” is meant to pull out a apart past, “Recent Highlights” shines a spotlight on your some-more new photos. This underline will organisation together your best photos that were shot within a past month underneath a singular banner.

recent highlightsrecent highlights

3. Video animations

Previously, animations can usually be done from photos. Today, animations can also be done from your video library as well. You can now use Google Photos to create brief animations regulating snippets of your videos like a pseudo-GIF maker.

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video animationsvideo animations

4. Auto-Rotate

A quality-of-life-improvement feature, Auto-Rotate would means Google Photos to scan by your print manuscript to demeanour for laterally pictures. Once found, a app would automatically stagger a pictures until they are in a right position.

This underline means that we no longer need to manually stagger your pictures.

auto print rotatingauto print rotating

All these facilities are already accessible for Android, iOS and a web chronicle of Google Photos.

Source: Google Blog

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