Google Earth Redesigned – Here’s What’s New

After teasing it for a week, Google has finally denounced a new and softened Google Earth. Available now on both a web browser and on Android devices, with an iOS recover entrance soon, a new Google Earth brings with it a series of new features that make navigating a digital creation a joy.

Watch as a Earth changes over a years with Google Earth Timelapse

Watch as a Earth changes over a years with Google Earth Timelapse

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Here are all a new features that comes with a redesigned Google Earth:

3D Maps

Navigate Google Earth in a new dimension

Upon your first launch of a new Google Earth, you’ll be greeted immediately by a new 3D map feature. Some cities around a universe have been given a 3D map, allowing we to wizz in and lean a camera around to get a improved perspective of certain streets and/or structures.

From a distance, a 3D modelling looks flattering good done deliberation a volume of fact it has. However, zooming in adult tighten to a specific building will exhibit that a 3D models used in it are distant from perfect.

3D modelling3D modelling

Do keep in mind that not all cities have been given a 3D treatment. That being said, we can still navigate a 2D maps in 3D mode if we wish by clicking on a 2D/3D round located on a bottom right corner of a screen. Just don’t design any 3D models to cocktail adult on a 2D map.


Explore a universe from a amenities of your possess home

Described by Google as a “digital interactive tour”, Voyager is a underline in Google Earth that functions like a slideshow that showcases several tools of a universe depending on a theme of the “trip”.

Besides indicating out a locations that a trip contains, any plcae is also supposing with a description and a history, giving users some-more insight into some of a locations.

interactive tourinteractive tour

All of a trips in Voyager are custom-made by scientists, documentarians, and experts, with Google Earth now housing over 50 opposite trips with more to come over a entrance months.

voyager tripsvoyager trips

Knowledge Graph integration

Learn about a locations directly from Google Earth

Getting some-more information about a certain plcae is done easier as Google has integrated Knowledge Graph into Google Earth. Now, whenever we click on a location, a Knowledge Card will seem on a right palm side of a screen.

This Knowledge Card would enclose a small mention of information about a location, finish with a couple to Wikipedia for those who wish to learn more.

knowledge graphsknowledge graphs

I’m Feeling Lucky

Go to a pointless plcae in a universe with a click of a button

Rounding adult a new facilities on Google Earth, we have a underline that many would be informed with: “I’m Feeling Lucky”. Appearing as a bones idol on a left palm side of a screen, I’m Feeling Lucky will means Google Earth to take we to a pointless plcae around a world.

im feeling luckyim feeling lucky

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