Google Docs Now Has a WordPress Plugin

WordPress has only gotten a whole lot some-more stretchable as a calm government system now has an open-source Google Docs add-on.

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Available on a Google Web Store page, this appendage will give confederate partial of WordPress’ complement into a Chrome chronicle of Google Docs. With this add-on, those with blogs or WordPress websites with a “Jetpack” plugin can now draft and revise posts that can be published on a WordPress website later.

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So what do we benefit with this WordPress add-on?

For starters, those who are looking to combine on posts can now do so from a amenities of Google Docs in genuine time. On tip of that, scheming an essay for WordPress is reduction stressful when finished on Google Docs as a app comes with an autosave feature that ensures that swell isn’t totally mislaid when something goes wrong.

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Perhaps a handiest underline of this appendage is that it will import a post, finish with formatting preferences, directly to a WordPress website itself as a draft. This eliminates a need to manually copy-and-paste the request to a WordPress content box itself. However, edition pronounced post will still need to be done around a website’s dashboard.

For those looking to excavate into a add-on’s code, WordPress’ primogenitor company Automattic has published a add-on’s formula on GitHub.

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