Google starts rolling out "Ok Google" support for Android Auto

Ok Google, Google’s voice partner is substantially going to make this prolonged awaited focus to be implemented on Android Auto soon. Well, since some observant users have found out it has been enabled today. With this feature, Android Auto users can now navigate a app usually by voice commands.

First detected on this reddit thread, a user by a name of neo5468 has remarkable that a “Ok Google detection” page has been updated. Now, the “While driving” section indicates that Ok Google relates in both Google Maps and Android Auto, we assume that it has been toggled.

ok google detectionok google detection

Do take note however that Google has yet to emanate an central matter about Ok Google on Android Auto, that is because this underline is not live during a time of writing.

The reddit thread mentioned that this underline is usually accessible for comparison few users on a latest chronicle of Android Auto, we can try your fitness – download a APK here.

Android Auto’s Ok Google support will be entrance to both a Android app and a in automobile conduct unit, so Android Auto users need not worry about height abandonment.

Source: Reddit

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