Geomicons – A Unique Hand-Coded SVG Iconset

Web iconsets are fast apropos a normal for complicated web design. They’re vast resources to web designers as these icons can be customized by CSS and resized but any peculiarity loss.

But some idol packs can feel magisterial and too vast for smaller sites. That’s where Geomicons unequivocally shines.

This is a custom hand-coded idol container regulating on SVG. You can hide a icons by JS scripts, or as approach SVG files into your page. Either way, they’re pleasing vectors and super easy to restyle.

geomicons svg iconsetgeomicons svg iconset

The categorical Geomicons page facilities a full demo of all a icons. They’re flattering elementary and follow a normal single-color flat pattern style we’re all informed with.

But their setup info is positively lacking on a demo page. If we wanna learn how to set this adult you’ll need to revisit a GitHub repo for instructions.

By default, this library assumes you’re operative with CSS/JS to have these icons embedded directly into page elements. Yet when we download a icons from GitHub we get all a raw SVG files that we can supplement directly into HTML.

Only difficulty is that raw SVGs need some-more editing to change colors, since a JS/CSS track gives we control over colors around a code.

Simply supplement a geomicons.min.js book into your header and pass a data-icon charge into HTML elements. These will auto-embed icons that we can afterwards manipulate regulating CSS classes.

Another thing we unequivocally like about Geomicons is a support for Node. Here’s a representation dash from a GitHub repo:

var geomicons = require('geomicons-open');
var pathData = geomicons.paths.heart; // Returns a path's d charge value
var svgString = geomicons.toString('heart'); // Returns an SVG string

If we aren’t informed with Node afterwards you’ll substantially never need to use any of a Node snippets. Same goes for a React.js version of these icons.

Still carrying support for vital frameworks is a large deal. It’s some-more explanation that Geomicons are meant to support any form of website by focusing on performance first.

geomicons connected line iconsgeomicons connected line icons

To give these icons a exam run we can lift a duplicate by npm or download them directly via GitHub.

There’s also an outline iconset called Geomicons Wired that we competence wanna exam as well.

Either way, this is a brilliant iconset for minimalist web designers. A ideal choice for optimizing your site with pleasing icons while dwindling sum page bucket times.

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