Generate WordPress Code Snippets “Magically” with WP Hasty

Dealing with WP formula snippets can be a genuine pain. From tradition taxonomies to WP_Query loops, developers are always copy-pasting snippets between projects.

With a WP Hasty web app, we can save time and disappointment by auto-generating snippets during a click of a button. This giveaway web app offers eight opposite formula generators for common WordPress snippets (with many some-more on a way!)

Each dash follows correct coding standards for WordPress themes plugins, so we can only duplicate and pulp a snippets with ease.

WP reckless WordPress generatorWP reckless WordPress generator

The idea of this site is to help developers emanate templates for common tasks such as custom taxonomies or unique sidebars without Googling for a tutorial.

Each generator has a possess page on a site and it’s a really elementary apparatus to use. As of this writing, these are a eight upheld formula generators:

  1. WP Menus
  2. WP Sidebars
  3. Taxonomies
  4. Shortcodes
  5. Custom Post Types
  6. Visual Composer Element
  7. Post Status
  8. WP_Query Loop

If we click any of these buttons you’ll get a generator interface on a new page with custom settings for any option.

For example, a shortcode generator allows we to select if a shortcode should be auto-closing and if it has attributes (plus, what those attributes are).

This way, we can develop a customizable template for your initial setup and work around that. Need an additional charge for a new shortcode? This generator can do it during a click of a button.

WP reckless shortcode generatorWP reckless shortcode generator

All formula outlay appears on a same page, in a tiny content editor interface. So, we literally only copy-paste a codes into your theme and you’re good to go!

This is by distant one of my favorite WordPress tools since it’s so unsentimental and it’s something we can reuse many times. And, did we discuss it’s totally free?

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